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Sizzling grill ideas for a weekend barbecue

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Grill enthusiasts, rejoice! We present to you some great grill ideas so you can create the best culinary delicacies on the barbecue. Even if you're not a huge fan of barbecuing, there's no point trying to deny you had a blast the last time you were invited to weekend grill. The atmosphere filled with laughter and the intoxicating smell of delicious food. 

You don't need to have a spacious garden for an awesome grill (even though it's helpful). There are many options that fit the smallest of spaces. There are even portable grills that you can take with you for a nice picnic on a sunny afternoon!

Don’t forget to take notes and, as always, be inspired!

For a big family

If you happen to have a big family, besides a good grill, you'll need a sizeable space and at least, a big table to seat all the uncles, cousins, nephews, siblings and in-laws. Of course, there should also be adequate worktop space for food preparation.

Most important though, everything should be in close proximity so that you can combine fun with cooking.   The image above shows a perfect example. Spacious worktops for the chefs, enough chairs for the guests and a nice rustic decor to complement the Sunday barbecue.

Traditional brick

Speaking of rustic décor, a traditional BBQ made from brick is a great choice for grill enthusiasts. As shown above, it can combine a grill with a brick oven. That is quite handy when juggling between different dishes. On top of it all, the cooking area includes a sink which, as anyone who has ever grilled can appreciate, is perfectly positioned.


This grill perfectly suits the needs of modern life in the city. It has a small and practical design, which makes it ideal for apartments with limited outer space. Also, it doesn't generate much smoke so you will hardly hear any complaints from you neighbors!

Pocket grill

Imagine if you could take your grill anywhere! Well, there are grills available in handy portable sizes that allow you to take them to the beach, park or any other open space. Ideal for picnics under the sun, they take grilling to another level!

Did someone say smoked?

If you don't have the space or resources for a traditional grill, don't be dismayed. Portable alternatives are available, which are perfect for smaller gardens or patios. Enter the chulengo

What’s a chulengo? It comes from Argentina (where grilling is an art) and is, in essence, a metal barrel that's been transformed into a grilling masterpiece. Placed on its side, split in half and with the addition of grill racks, the amazing chulengo promises luscious smoked delicacies . As shown above, the avant garde grill is placed on wheels so you can take it anywhere!

The future grill

If you are not fond of the chulengo, we have another practical solution for a small garden. With a nod to the future, this ultra-modern and minimalist grill embraces the motto of less is more. Fitted on the wall, it’s an all-encompassing grill, with a ceramic stove, stainless steel worktop and sink!

Gas grill

The gas grill has been embraced by many households over recent years. It's easy to clean as there is hardly any ash and they have temperature control switches. The temperature will soar or die in seconds. However, the resulting flavour might not be as satisfying as it would with an old fashion rustic grill. In any case, it is a movable grill that allows you to cook food in a matter of minutes. 

They thought about everything

Here's a grill that has everything! The grilling area is equipped with all the requisites of a tasty barbecue, is composed of removable parts, worktops and, uniquely, vertically stacked.

A truly innovative grill that fits perfectly in small gardens. Furthermore, it's a firewood grill, which in culinary speak, means that you can cook the most delicious food.

For more tasty ideas, check out these: Fantastic Wood Burning Stoves.

Do you love a good barbecue? Which grill did you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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