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Choosing the perfect bathroom shelf may not instantly seem like an opportunity for an exciting design breakthrough, but don't be fooled. With so many styles, materials and options available, a bathroom shelf can become so much more than merely a plinth for your toothbrush and soap, it could act as a central focus of the room and tie a theme together effortlessly.

Take a look at these examples of bold bathroom shelf ideas and see if you could potentially inject some extra personality into your ablutions area!

Fun and functional

If you live life on the more whimsical side, who says that you can't decorate your house in the same way? The perfect combination of fun and functionality, this upcycled apple box makes a wonderful wall mounted bathroom shelf that would be as perfectly integrated in a family bathroom as a decidedly shabby chic space. Simple, cost-effective and above all else, attractive, this option allows for an injection of your personality to permeate even the most perfunctory of rooms, with very little effort. You could even paint or wax the wood to change the tone altogether. 

Another level

We love this three-tier bathroom shelf as it not only offers a vast amount of storage space, but also brings a natural symbiosis with the rest of the room. The natural wood offers warmth and comfort, softening the almost industrial wall that it is mounted on, plus the varying sizes allows for a little playfulness to break up the seriousness of the design scheme. Though linear, the shelves somehow add a rounded and inviting shape to an otherwise purely functional room, while remaining neutral enough to work with any future colour scheme or style changes.

Pared-back purity

Unlike storage solutions in other rooms, which would be expected to house family photographs and other knick knacks, a bathroom shelf is generally far more perfunctory, due to the anticipated moisture it will be exposed to. This needn't be the case however, as people are increasingly seeking to accessorise the 'smallest room in the house' to bring their personalities into play. This example of a bathroom shelf, from Inspirit, shows just how much scope there is when choosing bathroom storage, as the almost industrial simplicity, though beautiful, does not draw huge amounts of attention to itself. Rather, it eloquently showcases the items placed upon it, allowing plants, ornaments and other trinkets to become an integral part of your bathroom decor.

Why not wire?

Wire Wall Shelf Loop the Loop Rustic style bathroom Shelves
Loop the Loop

Wire Wall Shelf

Loop the Loop

If you prefer to keep your bathroom as simple as possible, rather than cosy, perhaps a bathroom shelf as simple as this wire construct will be more to your taste. Though exceedingly pared-back, this cage style remains utterly practical as it will house all manner of makeup, toothbrushes and shampoo easily, while not seeking to be a stand alone design installation. Though it may be designed to complete a function, we can't help but admire the imperfect lines and structured weave work that makes this the ideal shabby chic or industrial storage solution.

Marvellous and mobile

Bathroom shelves Woodquail Asian style bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves


What would you do if you suddenly decide to move your bathroom around, only to discover that the shelves you originally bought no longer fit in the available space? Wall mounted shelves may be the go to installation for many bathrooms, but if you like to maintain a sense of design evolution, why not consider a non-fixed bathroom shelf? This wooden unit takes up a small amount of floor space and remains flexible as to location, but offers all the storage you could possibly need. The inclusion of natural material baskets can help to keep an open-front storage solution, such as this, nice and neat.

Store it where you can

If you prefer your storage solutions to blend into the background in order to showcase something a little more beautiful or dramatic, such as this intensely stunning bath design, perhaps you should consider using the wall space to your advantage. These stunning cavity slots work fantastically well in a room that is so light and really offer unique storage that can be as understated or attention-seeking as you chose. Imagine taking a relaxing bath in this room, with numerous candles flickering away on those shelves, what a treat. They are not just decorative however, as a large bathroom shelf of this style could easily be used to stow towels, toiletries and numerous other items.

Diminutive driftwood

Driftwood shelves Julia's Driftwood Rustic style bathroom Shelves
Julia's Driftwood

Driftwood shelves

Julia's Driftwood

We love the simplicity and beauty of this bathroom shelf, which would easily ingratiate itself into any decorative scheme from shabby chic though to classic country. The really super thing about shelves such as this is that there will never be another exactly identical unit, as the materials used are repurposed and cannot be reproduced. Though small, this bathroom shelf would be more than enough to store toiletries and small daily consumables, such as floss, while larger and more bulky items were kept out of sight. The perfect combination of quirky styling and functionality, this is a bold design choice for any bathroom.

Never say never

This example shows how a much needed bathroom shelf can be included in even the most awkward of rooms. Long and narrow, this bathroom offers little in the way of usable space and wall shelves are not really an option due to how narrow the room already is. Cue a clever storage solution, such as this subtle set of corner shelves. Though not deep, the height that is possible allows for a greater number of shelves that will be able to store everything you need and more, without encroaching into that precious floor space. By leaving the long wall relatively bare, a sense of extra space is maintained, but not at the detriment of useful storage.

Wonderful wood

This rustic bathroom is a wonderful example of a theme done well and completed with an astounding level of attention to detail. The wood panelling on the walls, supported by the wooden vanity unit leads perfectly onto a darker wood being used for the bathroom shelf. Thanks to the natural nature of the room, items such as toilet roll can be displayed without embarrassment, with towels and toiletries standing on top and blending into the busy room perfectly. The addition of so much wall decoration helps the shelf to look perfectly at home and uncluttered, even though it is performing a task rather then being purely ornamental. Simple and useful, we love the simplicity here.

Hidden gem

Family homes, in particular, can suffer from overcrowded and messy bathrooms, necessitating clever storage solutions. This example is the perfect demonstration of how a bathroom shelf can be basically invisible to the human eye, yet invaluable. The large mirror is not just a beautiful installation that helps to make the space seem bigger, it is actually a huge shelving system, with the mirrored doors subtly hiding all the toiletries, towels and toilet rolls that a large family could ever need. To the outside observer, this room remains neat and clean but to the residents, it is still a perfectly usable space.

For more bathroom inspiration, check out the following ideabook: Bathroom storage ideas.

How do you make storage solutions work in your bathroom? Let us know!

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