​Dining tables: Round or rectangular?

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If there is one essential element in the dining room, then it is without a doubt the table and chairs that we place around it. So when deciding what type of table we want for the dining room (or even the kitchen), there are many questions: What material should we use? For how many diners are we setting up? Which way to arrange it? 

In our article today we are going to focus on this last aspect: do we want a round dining table or do we prefer rectangular? But we’ll also discover what’s the best option in terms of space-saving table and chairs to ensure you pick the ideal square / round / oval table for your kitchen / dining room / any space imaginable. 

So, let’s get it started: round tables versus rectangular ones.

1. Position

One of the first things you will have to ask yourself is where you will be placing your dining table.  A round table curiously seems to draw all elements that surround it towards it, thereby anchoring itself (and the chairs) visually more than a rectangular table would. It also takes up less space, making it the perfect space-saver table.

However, for elongated rooms a rectangular table is perfect, as it can ideally fill the space more perfectly than a round one. Another advantage is that a rectangular table can be placed against a wall and still be functional and look stylish, which won’t work as well with a round table. 

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2. The social factor

One point to keep in mind when searching for the perfect rectangle/small round dining table is how it will influence the social factor of your dining room. A round dining table is perfect for when you want to encourage conversation around the dining table. Also, it doesn’t allow anybody to sit at the head of the table, which is perfect for when you want to avoid any type of hierarchy.  

The same is true for square tables; however, square tables take up more space than round ones. And for the same number of diners, it’s better to opt for a rectangular one, as it offers more seating areas.

3. Capacity

As mentioned, rectangular tables present a certain advantage in terms of capacity that round- and square ones do not. Imagine having to place all the diners to be seated at this elongated table at a round one – you’d have to have a pretty big round table! 

For big dinner parties, it’s best to opt for an elongated/rectangular table, as you get more space for chairs and guests.

4. Legs

When deciding on the type of table to pick, round tables offer another advantage that works in their favour: most of them have one, singular leg instead of four, conjuring up more legroom for diners.

5. Corners

Another advantage of round tables is that they present no corners, meaning they are more comfortable (and less dangerous, when thinking about little toddlers manoeuvring around those sharp table edges). 

And let’s be honest: who hasn’t stumbled into a table’s edge and walked away with a sore or bruised hip?

6. In summary…

Round tables are an important aesthetic option, with some clear advantages. They are more welcoming, versatile, social and less annoying for diners: the legs are less uncomfortable and because there are no corners, we can avoid painful encounters. However, they require a very special space and are not suitable for crowded parties.

The rectangular tables are the most common, which shows that they are a practical, functional and comfortable option. They are perfect for elongated dining rooms and they allow for more diners in less space. In a small room, a rectangular table can be shoved against the wall and still be perfectly practical. 

Dining table materials: Wood

Whether it’s a round kitchen table or an oval-shaped one, there exists a variety of designs crafted from numerous materials. And it’s no surprise that wood seems to be the most popular, seeing as a wood dining table is known as the sturdiest and most durable, but also the most visually charming option as it can complement nearly any design style under the sun.  

Dining table materials: Glass

More common in modern-, minimalist- and contemporary settings, glass dining tables are also your best bet for a formal design. But should your household consist of little ones (children, pets, or both) running and playing around, rather consider a safer alternative. 

Dining table materials: Marble

As marble is pretty heavy and costly, many brands offer imitation marble at a lower price and at a lighter weight. Thus, although a marble dining table can be the epitome of elegant design, it’s always best to check the “materials” portion to be 100% sure your new marble space-saver table is actually made from real marble.

But in the end, another crucial factor comes into play: personal taste. After evaluating all pros and cons of each table, you will have to take into account your home’s style and which table it is that you prefer. After all, when you’ve found the perfect table for your dining room, regardless of its shape, you’ll just know!

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So, which is it for your dining room: round or square/rectangular?

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