​25 small garden ideas to decorate your home

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A simple little garden, even a small one, can instantly transform a house’s boring look into something much more stylish, adding colour, fragrance and vitality to the space. Regardless of the size, location or types of plants used, nature always brings life and beauty to any corner. Today, we take a look at 25 wonderful small gardens that, despite their sizes, are simply ideal for decorating any entrance or hallway of a home.

1. A garden in the hallway

Some homes have a corridor that connects the entrance door to the rest of the house. This space can be difficult to design, so we recommend small garden decoration as in the image above. With just a few stones and glass spheres, you can get truly amazing results.

2. Combining different elements

Any corner can be used to introduce a bit of liveliness and colour to the home with small gardens. Even if the space is small, you can mix several materials such as terracotta or stone with shrubs or water.

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3. Defining the space

The organic forms of plants and shrubs can be great elements for small garden decorations.  Choose plants with unusual looks, and you will give your garden a different and unique touch.

4. A safe bet

If you are afraid to take risks and prefer to choose something more traditional and safe, opt for the combination of plants and stones. This way, you can rest assured that you have not failed to choose the right garden decoration.

5. Not missing a thing

The garden in this image could be a perfect replica of a larger one, as it has everything. And just see the beauty it flaunts in only a few centimetres via vegetation, stones, gravel, a bamboo wall and even a fountain!

6. Transforming the space

It is possible that your house has a corner which you haven’t used to its full advantage. However, there are infinite possibilities to transform it. In this case, a small path surrounded by plants has been added to create a magical atmosphere.

7. Art in the garden

We have shown earlier how the combination of stones and plants creates a combination that never fails. Feel free to add other objects, like vases, to make small gardens more artistic and attractive.

8. Decorate with pots

Not having solid ground space is no reason not to have a garden at home. With planters and plants of varied sizes, you can create small house gardens that are full of natural life.

9. Add some furniture

Complementing small garden decorations with furniture can be a way to take better advantage of the space and to give it a personal touch. In addition, with the right furniture, you can transform the place into a corner of rest and relaxation.

10. A vertical garden

Among the various small garden ideas, a vertical garden is a perfect solution for those who want to have some plants in the outdoors, but do not have enough space on the floor. It’s a simple option to bring life to a boring space that you do not know how to transform.

11. Serenity and relaxation

A minimalist style Zen garden is very easy to do. It only requires plants, stones and a water feature, even if it is small. With these elements, you can attract peace and harmony into your home.

12. Another minimalist example

The minimalist style, in many cases, can be the solution for small gardens. It is easy not only to create, but also to maintain. Choose simple and pure forms to enhance harmony and order.

13. Small and colourful

Next to the main door, or next to any window that connects to the interior, a corner can be used for placing flowers and plants. They will not only add a touch of colour to the space, but also fill it with life and joy.

14. A more sophisticated space

Elegance and modernity go hand in hand, and it’s no different when it comes to designing small gardens and patios. By adding some natural life to stylish furniture, you can get a space as comfortable and pleasant as the one in this image.

15. Water and stone

The combination of natural elements is always a good option for small garden decoration, when you want peace and tranquillity. Stone and water, for example, are two elements that fit perfectly to convey serenity and calmness.

16. Highlighting details

Use the natural resources at your disposal to highlight those details that you consider the most important. As you can see, a simple green line can decorate and highlight the entrance to the house.

17. Use planters

Instead of using the wall to install a vertical garden like the one we have seen before, you can use planters with plant species that you like. It’s a brilliant low-cost, modern and elegant idea for small gardens.

18. Original and modern

A fence in the garden can give a modern touch to the entire facade. In addition to protecting the privacy of the home, it will facilitate the creation of a space for the installation of a small garden.

19. Bamboo reeds

As we have seen in some of the examples above, bamboo is a very good element to create small house gardens that are modern and minimalist. It combines well with any other element, especially stone, and does not need much care.

20. A multi-coloured garden

Diversity of colours and plant species will make your garden a unique and personal place. However, you need to think about how to highlight the different shades of flowers and plants. Setting the garden against a grey wall will help.

21. Another colourful idea

Another way of adding a little colour to small gardens is by placing large and bright-toned flower pots. You will be able to give the garden a bold and lively touch.

22. Potting frames

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating small gardens or patios. In addition to flower pots and planters, you can hang a frame or structure with original shapes to add a little charm to the space.

23. A futuristic space

A combination of modern, minimalist elements, water and a hanging garden will make any entrance as spectacular as the one in this image. It’s a very elegant space in which straight lines and light colours stand out.

24. Don’t forget the lighting

You can ensure your garden looks as alive at night as it does during the day. By using LED lighting fixtures to highlight the pots or plants that you like, dazzling effects can be achieved.

25. Modern and colourful

Small Contemporary Courtyard Gardenplan Design Modern garden
Gardenplan Design

Small Contemporary Courtyard

Gardenplan Design

We end off with a striking touch: a small garden with colourful planters that add to a space’s colour scheme in a vibrant way. How would this look in your garden back home? 

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Which of these ideas will you be trying out ASAP?

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