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9 ways to guarantee a cosy living room

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We've waived goodbye to summer and are looking ahead to autumn and winter now, which means that we need to start thinking about how we can make our spaces that little bit warmer and more snug. Summer is the time for fresh and airy rooms, but now, it's time to reach for the blankets, stoke up the fire and ask our interior designers how we can add enough cosy motifs to our living rooms for a little seasonal revamp. We've honed in on 9 simple yet effective tricks to show you today, so get wrapped up and let's begin!

1. Stock up on extra textiles.

First things first, it's important to make sure that you really stock up on some throws and blankets! Not only will they keep your toes nice and toasty in the evenings, they will also give your sofa a really cosy look as well! Charming!

2. Choose a super comfortable sofa.

Flopster sofa: modern Living room by Loaf

Flopster sofa


We know that not everyone will be thinking of buying a new sofa right now, but just in case you are, give in to some seasonal inspiration! A sumptuous velvet sofa, for example, will be a year-round treat and for a cosy living room, there really is nothing better! 

3. A fluffy rug is a must.

Cosiness is akin to fluffiness, we think, so you know that you won't have that perfectly cosy living room unless you invest in a gorgeous rug, right? Talk about letting your feet in on the comfort!

4. An open fire is a wonderful touch.

Though your living room can stand to look and feel cosy all year, in autumn and winter you can up the effect dramatically by putting your fireplace to good use! A roaring fire really is a wonderful way to introduce not only warmth but also ambient colour!

5. Table lamps set the mood.

Let's imagine that you're hunkered down on your amazing sofa, with a throw blanket over your feet and the fire flickering away. Are you going to want the main light on? NO! Table lamps are vital in a cosy living room as they add in a softer style of illumination that has a far more snug and romantic feel.

6. Add plenty of personal touches.

Lyon Oak Large Bookcase 5 Shelves: country Living room by The Cotswold Company
The Cotswold Company

Lyon Oak Large Bookcase 5 Shelves

The Cotswold Company

We aren't talking about clutter here, so let's not misunderstand each other, but a few accessories, pictures and little trinkets won't go amiss, when you're trying to create a cosy finish. A few exciting and unusual knick-knacks really do work a treat.

7. Don't skimp on the cushions.

If you're going to be stocking up on throws and blankets, you might as well invest in a few extra cushions as well, don't you think? The more you have to sink into your sofa, the better, as far as a cosy aesthetic is concerned and we always like a few different cushion cover materials, such as wool and cotton.

8. Use natural materials.

The materials you use in your living room can really make or break a cosy feel, which is why you should always look to include those that naturally exude some warmth. Natural wood is key, but stone, leather and even wool can all really contribute as well. Plus, they'll all work tonally together.

9. Finish the look with plants.

Finally, a few plants, scattered here and there, will really help to bring a cosy living room together. Look for pockets of empty space and fill them with large leafy plants and, as an extra touch, why not add a little string of lights, so you can really enjoy some ambient illumination? Charming!

For more cosy inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Cosy corner sofas.

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