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Ideas that can light up every room

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We don't need to tell you how much of an impact the right lighting can have in your home, but that won't stop us from talking about it in a little more detail with you! Home lighting, when done well, can make a cold or impersonal house feel like a welcoming dream home and all in the flick of a switch.

Whether you are choosing the perfect addition for your home office, spotlights for your wardrobe or hallway lighting that will make a dramatic impact, we have some great ideas for you to take a look at. So without further delay… let there be home lighting!

Bedside illumination

Main lights might be great for adding some day-to-night functionality to a space, but for a little ambience and subdued illumination, bedside tables are the perfect recipient for a stylish and practical lamp that can be simply stitched off from the comfort of under the duvet!

Home lighting should always seek to complement the room that it is installed in, so for the bedroom, where languid, soft lighting will be a helpful tool in drifting off to sleep, we don't think you can go wrong with a lovely lamp, as seen here from Home Staging Factory. The ideal combination of style and function, it's really making 'light' work of creating a warm atmosphere.

Small and portable

If you're a little more of a free thinker that doesn't like to be tied down to perceptions of what home lighting should look like, why not stay really loose and look to invest in pieces which can easily be moved around and installed elsewhere? 

We love small table lamps, as they have the innate ability to simply belong wherever they are placed and when you opt for something a little funkier or more interesting, such as this example, they can even become talking points and coveted items! Just be prepared to answer a lot of, Where did you get that fabulous lamp? questions!

Dynamic dining room

While not every house is large enough to accommodate a separate dining room, if yours is, we don't think you should skimp on the details and for the sake of this article, we are of course, talking about home lighting! If you have a large dining table, the chances are that you will not only eat family meals there regularly, but also host dinner parties too, so choosing lighting that really stands out will be a great way to flex your design muscles!

Isn't this overhead light amazing? A large and artistic installation, we think something like this is sure to get your guests talking and not only that, it is wonderfully functional too!

For the wardrobe

You might think that you know exactly what you are walking towards your wardrobe for, but maybe if you invested in some fantastic new home lighting, you would be able to see deeper inside and discover some long-forgotten favourite items!

We really love the idea of fixing spotlights to shine into your wardrobe and not least because it is a super resourceful and money-savvy way to get all the feeling of a walk-in wardrobe without needing the space or budget! You just never know what you might find in there as well… lurking at the back!

In the study

It comes as no surprise that any home office or study area will need amazing home lighting in place, as this is one of the most perfunctory and focussed rooms you will ever include in your property. While bedrooms and even bathrooms can 'make do' with poor lighting until you decide to change up your scheme, an office will need perfect illumination from day one, otherwise nobody will be able to work in it.

We think desk lamps, as seen here, are a great addition, as long work days can sometimes stretch on into the night and a main light, combined with a computer screen glare, can be damaging to your eyes. The softer, more focussed light of an adjustable lamp is the ideal compromise.

Stairway illumination

On a purely practical level, lighting your stairs well is a necessity, otherwise who knows how many accidents will occur, but there is also an aesthetic element at play here. So often overlooked in terms of decoration, stairs make for a wonderful location for something a little bit different, especially as users will not be able to avoid seeing it! We love these reflective globe lights and the effect they have on an otherwise very pared back space. In fact, they make it feel as if you are walking up into the night sky. What a delightful take on home lighting!

For more enlightening inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Home Lighting Designs You'll Love! We think you'll find some of the more unusual ideas really inspiring!

Have you been inspired to up your lighting game? Which of these examples has made you rethink your décor? Let us know!

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