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It's one of the elements that we all agonise over and struggle with, but choosing the perfect sofa needn't be such a mammoth task. Really, when you get down to it, it's all about a compromise between style and comfort, so as long as you know what style you want and how comfortable it needs to be, you will be able to find something you love.

By no means a small purchase, a new sofa will usually stay in your home for a number of years, meaning that you need to be sure you have chosen well. Take a look at our top tips for making sure you have found the perfect sofa for you and your needs, as you might be surprised what we think you need to consider!

Make sure it's multifunctional

You might be wondering exactly how multifunctional the perfect sofa needs to be, as surely you just sit on it, right? Well, you'd be wrong to think that! Really picture everything you do on your sofa and you'll soon realise that you need something that can not only be curled up on, you will want it to be a comfy napping spot, good for entertaining and supportive enough to sit up and read on. See? It's not just about watching the television on it!

We think this jade green installation, used by Samarina Projects, ticks all the multifunctional boxes and looks great to boot! Just look at the chaise end that is perfect for an afternoon snooze!

Think about size

Naturally, when choosing the perfect sofa, size is going to be an issue, so make sure that you have accurate measurements of the room it will be going into and think about proportions. Yes, you might have an enormous living room, but do you want it to be totally taken up by your couch?

Think about other furniture items you will want to include too, such as coffee tables and be sure to factor those into your space equations. You will also want to start thinking about the height of your items too, as this will greatly impact the number of choices available.

Consider the proposed location

If you know what size you want your perfect sofa to be, the chances are that you have settled on a location for it. While this is great, try to take into account that after a few months, you might want to change the furniture around a little, to freshen up the space without injecting much effort or money, so it would be helpful if your new sofa would easily be able to sit in an alternative location.

Along walls, as seen here, is a common placement for sofas, but more recently, setting them down in the middle of a room has become popular too. Remember, this is your dream home, so make up your own rules!

How many units do you want?

This is a tricky question and one that will most likely be dictated by how large your household is and how often you socialise in your home. If you are thinking that there are only a couple of you living in your home and nobody really comes around that much, perhaps a single unit will be ideal for you, but if you are looking to welcome more people, at least two will be needed.

Of course, the perfect sofa for you might be an elaborate corner design, whereby everyone is sat together, but you'll still need to consider the number of seats, unless you want guests sitting on the living room floor!

Give fabric a lot of thought

Now comes the fun part of choosing the perfect sofa! When you know how big you need your new couch, where it's going to go in your home and who is going to be sitting on it, you can start embracing more fun elements, such as what material you want it to be covered in!

Here is where you need to think about usage very carefully, as though we think this purple velvet number is exquisite, if you are relaxed dog owners, this might not be the best choice for you! Try to pick something that is the right balance between stunning and durable and you won't be disappointed!

Flirt with the idea of colour

Colour is a funny topic when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa, as while many people will leap at the chance to inject some funky hues into their home, others think the sofa should be a classic item that isn't too vibrant of bold. We think you should get whatever takes your fancy and works with your room!

While traditional Chesterfields look great, we are always drawn to those in more adventurous colours and perhaps opting for a bright sofa will be a good way to get your colour fix without committing to wall colours that you will quickly go off? Don't forget that cushions can be a great way to add extra colour too!

Think about maintenance

SOFAS & CHAISE-LONGUES Larforma Living roomSofas & armchairs



Here is a more serious point to consider when looking for the perfect sofa! While you may have fallen in love with a wonderfully impractical sofa, in a one off colour and fabric that is easily plucked, you need to think about how easy it is going to be to keep clean and looking its best. 

If you have pets, try to find a fabric that can be cleaned simply and quickly and if you've gone for something a little unusual, be sure to invest in specialist cleaning products. The last thing you want is someone spilling something on your red velvet couch, only for them to get the bleach out!

Don't forget to accessorise!

With your perfect sofa chosen, bought and in place, it's time to add some extra cushions and really make it your own. You will want to tie your couch into the rest of the wider space, so pick out an accent colour and add a couple of cushions in that shade. We think you'll agree that this example is fantastic and that the yellow works terrifically well with the grey sofa. As a whole, the room looks totally cohesive, which is what you should expect with the perfect sofa in place!

For some more fabulous furniture inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Cosy Corner Sofas. If you like modular furniture, this is for you!

What's most important to you when buying a sofa? Let us know in the comments!

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