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Finding the exact kitchen sink you need

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There are certain details that should never be forgotten when planning your kitchen. Sometimes we give so much attention to the furniture and decor that we forget to really give enough consideration to items that are necessities, such as the kitchen sink.

You might be thinking that sinks don't need much thought, as they all offer the same functionality, but with such a wide variety of styles on offer, you'll soon realise that simply opting for the first one you see if not the best decision!

Whatever the style of your kitchen, there will be a perfect sink out there for you, so let's take a look at our top tips for choosing the right one, instead of pouring your money down the drain!

Identify the size you need

Let's start at the beginning with your kitchen sink selection process and objectively identify exactly what size you need. Aesthetics and functionality can come later, for now, you need to know how big your sink needs to be and where you propose to house it.

We love the set up in this picture, from Meson's, as the sink isn't oversized. It is perfectly proportioned for the room and fits in the breakfast bar/island without any problems. We assume that there is a dishwasher hidden somewhere, allowing for a more subtle and understated sink!

Think about drainage

This example is more than a little unusual, given that there is not one kitchen sink in place, but three, but if that's what the household needs and there is adequate drainage to offer it, then go ahead!

With an exterior window in this shot, we can reasonably assume that a drainage point is situated just outside this room, meaning that three kitchen sinks won't struggle to drain or be subject to a lot of blockages. The only thing we would ensure is that the exterior point is well covered to prevent any debris falling in and slowing the drainage flow.

Select the right material

There are a huge number of materials out there when it comes to choosing the right kitchen sink, so whether you need something in stainless steel, ceramic or something a little more unusual, like Corian, you will be able to find what you need without too many problems.

Stainless steel sinks remain popular as they are easy to clean and offer great flexibility, but they can look a little too modern for traditionally styled kitchens. That's where ceramic and Corian sinks come in. Able to perfectly integrate themselves into any kitchen, there is a reason they are so popular!

Look for quality

Regardless of the size, style and material of your chosen kitchen sink, there is one thing  you mustn't compromise on and that's quality. Any sink, even one that is used infrequently due to a dishwasher being in situ, will undergo some hard usage at some point and because of that, you can't afford to skimp.

Ceramic sinks need to come with a guarantee, so that should they crack, you can be sure you will get a replacement quickly and without any hassle. Stainless steel sinks should also come with a warranty that lasts a few years and though there might be some cheaper alternatives out there, they could cost you a lot more in the long run if you develop issues.

Don't overlook the tap

Certain things go hand in hand and when it comes to a kitchen sink, the natural partner is a fabulous tap that you have gone all out with! Seriously, why bother decorating your kitchen and making sure you haven't compromised on any elements, if at the last hurdle you are going to simply select any old tap? That's not going to do your new sink any justice!

We know it's a bit of an extravagance, but we love this wall mounted tap that is so futuristic it manages to be the main feature of the room! Rinsing your salad will never be a chore again!

Account for accessories

You've found the perfect kitchen sink, you've bought a lovely tap to go with it and everything is looking great, so don't forget to take into account sink adjacent items! We're talking about washing up liquid, scourers and draining boards, all of which can be housed in a stylish and fantastic way, if you take the time!

Some gorgeous stainless steel countertop utensil pots will be a great addition to a modern kitchen, or perhaps something more pared back and traditional will work for older style rooms. Either way, be sure that everything close to your sink is styled the way it should be and all of a sudden, you'll find even the most useful addition to your room being one of the most coveted!

More more kitchen sink inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Choosing A Complementary Commercial Sink. You'll be shocked at how much choice there really is!

Are you thinking about adding a more modern sink to your kitchen? What kind of design are you planning! Let us know...

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