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If you took one look at the title of this article and thought to yourself 'you just bang some nails into the wall, don't you?', then this is most definitely the Ideabook for you!

We aren't talking about how to hammer a picture hook into your fresh plaster here, instead, we are thinking about the ways you can you can use wall art to create a new and welcoming vibe in your home and how you can group framed pieces together for a stunning visual effect. You see? It's really not about the nails!

Let's take a look at some terrific hanging patterns and see which ones you might be most tempted to try in your home!

Even numbers

It's not uncommon for people to have a 'thing' for adding items in certain quantities, but when it comes to framed pictures, an even number of items will often work really well, especially as you can carefully segregate the space to accommodate them! Hanging pictures is a great example of this.

We love this example, as all the pictures featured are on the same wavelength and really stick to one theme, making the installation as a whole really cohesive and interesting. It's also a great talking point, as naturally, questions about whether or not these residents went to paris will crop up. Lovely!

Vertical lines

If you are less bothered about all your hanging pictures matching, but you do want some kind of uniformity in place, perhaps following vertical lines will be a better method for you to try out. This allows for a total disregard for matching subject matter and even the frames can be wildly different, as long as a directional flow is maintained.

We like this image, from Allan Malouf, as it is the perfect example of what we mean. Two distinctive vertical lines of artwork have been created, despite no common ground and the whole feel is lovely!

Horizontal lines

If directional hanging is interesting you, but you are not sure about vertical lines, how about moving towards a horizontal display? In a long room, such as the one pictured here, a perfectly proportional display will be an eye-catching and dramatic inclusion.

We think this example is great, as the length of the dining table is aptly mirrored in the hanging pictures, making for a really cohesive space that feels long and open. The simple black frames are the perfect chic and elegant choice and offer a neutral element to offset the fun fairy lights too!

Organised composition

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

For something like a living room, we think a really organised composition can work amazingly well, especially if you look to make a real feature of one specific wall. By taking into account the size and shape of the wall you plan to decorate, you can make a plan as to what shape and organised layout will best work.

We love this three-by-three set up, as it not only makes the best use of a square wall, it allows for a continuation of the theme, with nine perfectly square frames all being laid out in, you guessed it, a square formation. This level of considered installation is fantastic and really heightens the space as a whole, making it feel classy and chic.

Random formation

Perhaps you are an interior design maverick and you want to throw away the rule book. If that is the case then creating random formations with your hanging pictures is a lot of fun. While this example has started to relax the rules a little, you can go as far as you want with it and for a more eclectic look, you could mix up the frame styles as well.

We always really like gallery walls in homes, whereby random art has been collected and displayed with no concern for 'rules' or themes. When a whole wall is eventually covered, we think the visual impact is huge!

Without a concurrent theme

If you fancy hanging pictures and like the idea of a structured composition, but not following a theme, that's fine. It's your home, after all! Pictures that are hung next to each other absolutely do not have to all depict the same thing or be connected in any way. While we have given you some ideas for hanging your art collection, it is by no means prescriptive, so you should always do what feels right for you and your home! Just make sure you tell us all about it!

For more wall decoration inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Create Your Own Fantastic Feature Wall. There are lots of alternatives to hanging pictures!

How do you hang pictures in your home? Have you opted for a technique we haven't mentioned? Tell us about it!

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