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A bookcase is something most of us would love to have, and probably do in some format. Whether it is books on a shelf or a coffee table, books are often put anywhere and everywhere. A bookcase offers a dedicated space to store your most beloved stories.

Wood is often the material used because it is ageless and timeless. It is also natural and sustainable, making it an enviromentally friendly choice. It is easy to shape and paint as well, meaning it can fit in with any decoration, be it modern or traditional.

Traditional Pine

Wilshire Pine Painted Short Wide Bookcase The Cotswold Company Living roomShelves
The Cotswold Company

Wilshire Pine Painted Short Wide Bookcase

The Cotswold Company

This bookcase is very traditional. It harks of country design and living. The panelling along the back, the colour and just being made of pine, make us think of a country cottage. It is a small, but lovely bookcase. We think it would fit well in any room due to it's small size, making it a very flexible piece of furniture. It would probably be best suited in a smaller room, just because of the size of it. Made by The Cotswold Company, you can buy larger ones and other matching furniture, meaning you can have an entire room that all fits well together.

Office Pine

Off cuts of wood happen all the time. We feel that going green is a good thing and here we can see the perfect example of it. This office desk has some great looking storage for books. A bookcase isn't limited to just being in a room for storing occasional books. It can be a very functional piece of furniture that is used daily. In a space like an office, diaries, notebooks, invoice books etc are needed regularly, so a desk with a built in bookcase is perfect. Made from the off cuts of wood, it is a great example of what we can do with otherwise discarded bits of wood.

Darkened Pine

Bonsoni Pine Corona Tv Cabinet homify Office spaces & stores

Bonsoni Pine Corona Tv Cabinet


A bookcase from Bonsoni is shown in this photo. It is a slightly darker shade of pine that we think looks lovely. It comes in a set, so you can mix and match your furniture accordingly, or just select the one piece that you want. The bookcase itself is tall and has four shelves. It will hold a good amount of books and would sit well in many spaces. 

Tall and Slim

Sometimes we don't have space for a wide and large bookcase. The easiest way around this is to go slim and tall. That way you get the height and thus the storage that goes with it. It offers a way to still have a bookcase in a small area, that might have been dead space otherwise. These shelves are simple yet very effective. The frame is ash, but it only goes to add to the look. The frame is slanted adding a lovely design feature to the book case too.


Design is an important feature. We don't just like straight up and down all the time because it doesn't always fit. We also like a modern twist in a very traditional piece of furniture. We think this bookcase looks brilliant with one slanted piece of wood. It just adds something a little bit different to the look of the bookcase. It is fairly large and would work as a bookcase or shelves, or you could mix up the two. The neutral tone of the wood makes it perfect for a variety of rooms.

Book… .house?

Scandinavian Cool iDecorate Ltd Living roomShelves
iDecorate Ltd

Scandinavian Cool

iDecorate Ltd

We love that a bookcase doesn't have to look like a bookcase in order to be one. At homify, we are all about design with a difference, as well as purpose and functions. We love these little wooden shelves that can be used to house, literally, anything you like including books. They are quirky and look different. You can have as many or as few as you like lined up along your wall. The beauty of these is that they can go anywhere, in any room you want. And if you only have room for one, then thats fine too.

Industrial Bookcase

We love this look. It uses reclaimed scaffolding poles and wood to make use of otherwise discarded materials. There is nothing not to like about this look. We understand that it won't fit in every house and that it is a very individual look, but that is what makes it unique. This bookcase would be made to measure and therefore, no one else would have one quite like it. The industrial look would go really well in an urban loft apartment or against a bare brick wall.

Darkened Wood

The beauty, well one of the beauties, of wood is that it can be stained. You can have any sort of wood you like and make it any colour you like. People tend to do this with pine because it is fairly fast growing, and cheap to buy. So you can buy it and stain it to look like a more expensive wood. We love this classic looking unit. By classic we don't mean traditional in this instance, we mean classic lines and shape. It would fit into a room that is modern or more traditional because of this.

Large and open

Bookcases can tend to be closed in at the back and sides. We like this one because it is different and not like that. It is open on the back, the sides and even in between. It looks stunning and simple. You could fit a massive amount of books onto it too. The separators are a great idea because you could section off your books. We think it would go well in an office space, because it looks very functional.

Naked Pine

This bookcase is mixed with drawers. The drawers are movable so you can have it looking however you like. We love the naked pine in its light and natural colour. This whole room is full of it and it looks incredible. Just the sheer simplicity of it all. The bookcase acts as a divider between the bedroom and living area too. So it just goes to show how versatile a bookcase can be.

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