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Antique Reproduction Sideboard Parklane Furniture Dining roomDressers & sideboards
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A sideboard is traditionally something we would find in a dining room, where servants would prepare things for meal times. Now they are used for storage for a variety of objects and can be used in many rooms.  A lot of people have them for display purposes in the living room, or for functional reasons, they have them in the kitchen, and of course many are still used in dining rooms around the world.

Antique sideboards can be just that. They can be actual antiques and very traditional, or they can look antique, but actually be new and use modern methods. We have selected some of our favourites to show you.

Modern Antique

There are a lot of sideboards to chose from on the market. Sometimes you want something that feels a little older than it really is. You want a new sideboard that has a feeling of country style and an antique feel to it. This one is the perfect combination of new looking old. The classic country style is ageless and will go well in any kitchen or dining room. The bright citrus fruit on this one really shows just how it will go with any colour and still look amazing.

Real Antique

Georgian Farmhouse Etons of Bath Country style dining room
Etons of Bath

Georgian Farmhouse

Etons of Bath

Brought to us by Latham Interiors, is this beautiful mahogany sideboard. The dark wood gives a real sense of antique and it looks spectacular. There is a lot of storage space in this unit, with drawers, cupboards and shelving, you can easily store all of your dining sets. It is opulent and very old fashioned in appearance. We love the idea of it being in a dining room and brining out all the special table wear, for a lovely dinner party with friends, from this unit.

Traditional Looking

Living & Dining Room, Kippax Crow's Nest Interiors Dining roomDressers & sideboards
Crow's Nest Interiors

Living & Dining Room, Kippax

Crow's Nest Interiors

This sideboard is lovely looking. It has a sense of country about it, whilst remaining old fashioned. The display unit on top has traditional diamond detail, which definitely make it feel antique. We love the level of storage in this unit too. Two large cupboards for plates, two drawers for cutlery and napkins and the upper display unit. There is also the large midsection, which is perfect for storing decanters and drinks, so they are readily available.

Slate Grey

Distressed Georgian Dresser A Stylish Existence Dining roomDressers & sideboards
A Stylish Existence

Distressed Georgian Dresser

A Stylish Existence

This is a unit that looks like it has been up-cycled. It still has a look of antique about it, despite being painted in a slate grey colour. The unit itself is very simple. With three drawers and three shelves, it is very understated. It is what it is is and offers not many frills, but then again that is the appeal. Perfect for displaying your favourite plates on, the large shelves have a lot to offer. You can store an entire dinner set on here and prepare last minute touches on top of the drawers.

Up-cycled Wood

Up-cycling old materials to make new units that still look old takes a lot of skill. We love this antique looking unit  and think that it is stunning. It offers a lot of storage for glasses, plates and even includes a wine rack. The wood is beautiful and the tone of it is warming. We think it would look perfect in any kitchen or dining room. The black handles and hinges really add to the old feel of it and are a lovely finishing touch.

Classic Style

From the new to the traditional. This sideboard is most definitely the latter by design and description.The curved wooden back, the detailed inlay of the door and the overall design, just feels very classic and regal. It would sit well in any dining room as an ornate peice of furniture, whilst still offering a very practical side.  The top could hold anything you like, but we like the simplicity of the items displayed on it here. Anything else could be too much. The cupboards offer a lot of extra storage for all of your dining essentials.

Simply Antique

Antique Reproduction Sideboard Parklane Furniture Dining roomDressers & sideboards
Parklane Furniture

Antique Reproduction Sideboard

Parklane Furniture

We don't always need the ornate to mean antique. We love the simple style of this dark wooden sideboard. It has no shelving, but has three drawers and cupboards. Therefore it still offers a lot of storage space and is completely beautiful on it's own. Decorated on the top portion with a delicate vase of flowers, it would look good in a living room or dining room.

Chic Antique

Who would really think that chic could meet antique? Well, we do! Here we have a really distressed looking sideboard that is rustic and antique in appearance too. We love the look of this. The colour adds a little bit of vibrance and we could easily see in any dining room that has a rustic feel to it. Just because it looks different to the rest on the page, it doesn't mean it is any less worthy. We all have different tastes and antique can mean different things to people.

Real Antique

You don't always need the new to look old. Occasionally you can get a really antique, like this sideboard. It is the genuine deal and you can tell. It has lived a lot of lives and we are sure it has a few stories to tell. It does look worn and tired and it probably will get freshened up. However, the joy of antiques is that they can look this way and still be very appealing and fashionable too. We think it looks great as it is.

Ornate Antique

Sideboard, carved doors, made of Mindi wood homify Dining roomDressers & sideboards

Sideboard, carved doors, made of Mindi wood


This sideboard is beautiful. It will go well in a dining room with any wooden dining table and chairs. The intricate and beautiful work on the doors is really stunning. It has an antique look because of the patterns in it and that is it's appeal. The grain of the wood is very easy on they eye and we can see it in a variety of rooms. It will blend in well in a room with simple decoration, where it can be the star of the show. It offers plenty of storage as well.

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