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All-white colour schemes are always well featured here on homify, with the design trend continuing to grow in popularity during 2016. When used correctly, white can enhance any form of architecture, décor style or room. Architects often use a shade of white to give their project a strong architectural presence or, on the other hand, they can emphasise subtleties of form and shadow within an unassuming space. 

Even though it may seem like a simple or obvious interior design trend, there is much to learn and be inspired by this type of scheme. We believe that the best form of learning is from the best so today we're hosting a stunning renovation project where white is featured throughout. 

We don't want to give too much away so make sure to scroll down and see it all for yourself!

Old time charm

Time can be both a friend or a foe, especially when it comes to a home. Features of a home can often improve as it ages. For example, nothing compares to the look of original hardwood flooring. On the other hand, no matter how well built, a home always needs upkeep over the years. 

Sometimes it takes only a coat of paint or the introduction of modern furniture to update a home, however, this project involves the full renovation of a traditional cottage, including stunning changes. 

Interior design experts from Home Staging Sylt have completely transformed the interiors of this quaint cottage. The home is situated in a quiet German village and appears like any other found here but on the inside there's something different about it now…

A new outlook inside

To start, there was a big change in the living areas. Before the renovations the home suffered from being dark and stuffy, even during sunny days.

The new scheme makes the dining and living areas feel open, airy and tangibly lighter. Adding texture to the space is made via certain finishes and key pieces of furniture. Asserting themselves into the spotlight are the contemporary style dining chairs, which take on an unique curved shape appearance and we can see how their chrome bases contrast wonderfully against the stone tiles. 

A homely kitchen

The owners had a vision for their new kitchen to be a well organised and hassle-free space and it's safe to say the experts delivered. It’s difficult to fault Home Staging Sylt's approach, which appears to have been led by a unique fusion of both traditional and modern finishes.

Timber work surfaces have been chosen for their natural aesthetic and practical appeal. Original windows have been enlarged to offer those cooking more light and better views of the garden.  

All decked out

The most substantial alteration that happened was in the back garden. A new deck runs almost the entire width and length of the site. 

The decking cleans up the old space, which seemed to always require maintenance and the owners no longer had the time nor energy to do so. Now the owners have a beautiful and multifunctional space that they can enjoy alone or with guests. 

A good soak

Very few bathrooms are as eye-catching as the one here. Just take a look at that tiled ceiling! Days will seem to be over within seconds for those who are lured to take a soak in the beautiful bathtub, which blends into the shape of the room. 

The presence of nature in the house has been proven to be beneficial for one's health so the owners have placed indoor plants around the home. Choosing the right plant is important depending on its location in the house, with the plant in this bathroom being suited to the wet and humid conditions. 

Peace and quiet

A tranquil reading spot has been created in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs, where readers can immerse themselves behind the pages of their book without a care in the world. The beanbag will keep anyone comfortable and cosy even when reading for hours on end.

Having a small side table next to you is a key ingredient of any reading spot. Smartly, the table provides a place for pocket items or rest a warm mug of tea. 

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