​11 flooring ideas for your terrace or patio

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You might feel that the decor and furniture you choose for the terrace or patio is the most important thing. But the truth is that there is another element which is equally critical in designing a beautiful-looking outdoor space. Flooring is what protects your patio during harsh weather conditions and gives it an overall finish.  While choosing the material for your terrace flooring, it is necessary to take various features like resistance, durability and cost into consideration. To give you an idea of the best choices available, here is a list of 11 flooring materials.

1. Slate

When it comes to choosing a material which is known for its durability, slate is the number one option. It not only complements the overall look of your outdoor space, but can also withstand any harsh climatic condition.

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2. Grey bricks

In case you want to combine rustic and modern themes for your terrace or patio, then opting for grey bricks is an excellent choice. These blocks can be combined with modern pieces of furniture to achieve a harmonious design. One can also add a touch of colour by incorporating similar-looking cushions.

3. Ceramic tiles

For a grand-looking patio, one should opt for materials like ceramic tiles. These tiles are long-lasting and can make your space look sophisticated. Also, they can be combined with any style without making it look over exaggerated.

4. Clay tiles

If you do not receive a lot of rain in your area, then clay tiles can also be used for your outdoor terrace flooring. These tiles can give your home a countryside look which most people desire these days.

5. Natural stone slabs

Natural stones like marble or granite can also complement outside areas. These stones are easy to maintain and durable. In addition, they also give a luxurious look to any space.

6. Stone and lawn

To creating a custom-looking terrace or patio, you can combine stone and grass, and even add some plants to the yard to make it look more vibrant and lively.

7. Burn gravel

If you have an industrial-style house, then gravel can complement the look perfectly. And as it’s quite easy to lay out, this is also one of the simplest flooring options. Apart from this, there is no fear of the floor getting damaged whatsoever.

8. Types of stones

Combining different types of stones can also help you achieve unique patio flooring. One can either use bricks, slate or even boulders depending on the area they are looking to cover.

9. Beautiful wood

Although this flooring material is a bit more expensive than others, the results are still marvellous. Wood can give your terrace a warm appearance and also make it look natural. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and care.

10. Artificial turf

In case you like lush green outdoor flooring for terraces, then artificial turf is a must. It looks exactly like natural grass, but does not require any maintenance. Also, it can be enjoyed throughout the year irrespective of the season.

11. Combining materials

Combining materials is also necessary to create a custom terrace. The designer of this patio has opted for pebbles, wood as well as artificial turf to make the area stand out.

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Which flooring materials do you prefer for your patio?

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