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Lighting is an important key element in any room. It has the power to effect the feeling, the mood and create ambience. Everything about the lighting in a room can change the way it looks. From highlighting particular areas of focus, to simply making it feel warm and welcoming.

Whichever way you choose to light your room, we think suspended ceiling lights are a cool option. They can hang as low or as high as you like. Over a dining table, in a living room or bedroom, they really are suitable for every space that you want to create an atmosphere in. Not to mention, they can really look spectacular and they come in some unique and beautiful designs. We have picked some lovely lighting options for you to look at.

Hanging chandelier

Project 4 Connaught Place, Marble Arch, Flairlight Designs Ltd Flairlight Designs Ltd BedroomLighting
Flairlight Designs Ltd

Project 4 Connaught Place, Marble Arch

Flairlight Designs Ltd

Flairlight Designs Ltd are behind this beautiful hanging chandelier. They were commissioned to make this piece. They have made it using 100% LED lighting. It creates a really warm feeling in the room and looks stunning. It certainly has a feeling of opulence about it that makes the room feel grand.

It offers the perfect lighting option for a bedroom, where you don't necessarily want a bright and harsh light when you are trying to read and relax. A bedroom is a place of solitude and you sanctuary. We love the effect this light gives and it really finishes the room perfectly.

Stunning Staircase

Does it get any grander than this? For a start, the staircase is very impressive. It sweeps around this amazing light, it is like they were made for each other. The light hangs down the centre of the stairs, but gives off light all the way down. It is an incredibly beautiful design that we think is just stunning. It lights the whole stair-well with ease, whilst being a single piece. Made with LED lights, it offers a lovely ambience to the entry space.


Ethel Standard Lampshade, One Foot Taller One Foot Taller Corridor, hallway & stairsLighting
One Foot Taller

Ethel Standard Lampshade

One Foot Taller

This pendant suspended ceiling light is amazing. It has a very simple design that would be great in a larger space, such as large dinging room or hallway. They look the same from above as they do from below, meaning what you see here, is exactly what you get. Offering a very impressive lighting solution with a warm glow, we think they feel very homely. The shape of the lampshades helps give off a good level of light without being to strong and harsh.

Circular Inspiration

Ring Light Lee Broom Corridor, hallway & stairsLighting
Lee Broom

Ring Light

Lee Broom

We love the fact that these lights step completely away from everything we think a light is. The shape, the way they hang and the design make us rethink everything we know about conventional lights. The tubular and circular lighting create a wonderful low light effect. We can see these hanging in a bedroom or living room. They are decorative, but also minimalist, so would fit in with lots of different room designs. They can hang at a height to suit you too, meaning you really can put them anywhere.

Beautiful in Bubbles

From one circular light to another. These lovely lights resemble bubbles and look beautiful. We love the way the glass has bubbles inside it too, just to give them a unique look. With the lighting element in the centre of the sphere, it glows out the way and creates a lovely lighting effect. A few of these clustered over a dining table would create a very good atmosphere. We can also see them in a living room, over a coffee table too, lighting the room simply, whilst you relax at the end of a hard day. They are made from polished steel and the cord is fully adjustable.

Bespoke and Simple

Bespoke glass chandelier suspended from a central skylight Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Corridor, hallway & stairsLighting
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Bespoke glass chandelier suspended from a central skylight

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Lighting doesn't always have to be white in colour. In fact 'colour' is the word we are looking for here. Lighting can really be anyhthing you want it to be. This chandleier is a bespoke piece that shows how easy it is to incorporate colour into your space. With the simple addition of colour glass lampshades, you create an entirely different  feel to the space. Hanging from a skylight, they reflect sunshine during the day, and come nighttime, they light the stairwell beautifully.

Ball of Light

From the various lampshades and lights we have seen so far, you know that they come in all forms. We love the look of this ball shaped lamp. It is suspended and in a room full of colour, it just highlights everything really well. The design of it helps create a warm feeling around the room and it doesn't feel too bright or dull. It hits the perfect balance between the colours of the room and the whiteness of the light.

Jars of Fun

7 Jam Jar Pendant Light Little Mill House Living roomLighting upcycled,recycled,reclaimed,industrial,vintage,chandelier,pendant,light,statement,lighting,kitchen lighting,dining room lighting
Little Mill House

7 Jam Jar Pendant Light

Little Mill House

We thought these suspended ceiling lights were just fun! We love the old style Edison bulbs used in them. They are funky and modern and would go really well in a kitchen, living room or dining room. You could use them to add a unique sense of style to your dining room. They give off a very warm glow and can hung at a variety of heights to give off a different effect. The use of jars is just clever design and adds an element of something a little bit different.

Colour Splash

Once more we see ourselves back at the lights that offer a little bit of colour. We love the fact that these lights are handmade in the UK. Supporting local business is important, especially when they make such stunning little lights! They are sleek and contemporary and we think they would suit a variety of rooms, depending on how you want it too look. Suspended from the ceiling, they are funky and the colours are warm, almost autumnal.


Fulcrum Light Lee Broom Living roomLighting
Lee Broom

Fulcrum Light

Lee Broom

From colour to the minimalist light. These lights feel a little bit colder in comparison to the ones above. But that is the beauty and appeal of having lots of lighting options. You can choose ones that fit the space you want to create. These are very minimalist in appearance, but still give off a good level of directional light. We feel these would be suited in areas where you want a low lighting solution because of the way they lights beam. They look amazing and simple.

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