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Get into shape at home with no membership required

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If there is one enterprise that often starts with a lot of enthusiasm but ends shortly with bitter disappointment, it's exercising. At some point everyone sets a purpose to get in shape, lose weight or lead a healthy life yet in a matter of weeks we drop the ball.

In most cases we attribute our inability to see our targets to limited time, which is a fair enough excuse since time is a precious and finite commodity. However, doesn't it seem important to devote 20 minutes of our time to our good health?  Perhaps it will be easier to start exercising if you redefine the concept. Don’t see it as a 6 month goal to get chiselled abs, rather as a lifetime investment to yourself.

Having no money for a gym membership is also not an excuse as there are easy ways to start exercising within the cosiness of your own home. All you need is to recognise the potential of your home as a personal home gym!

Take notes and, as always, be inspired.

Stair master

Legs and buttocks are important parts of our bodies, which are often neglected when exercising but strengthening our lower body can minimise back strains in the long run. At home, stairs are a perfect machine for toning our legs and buttocks.  

You can practice jumping, run up and down the stairs or hop two steps at a time. If you want to go the extra mile you can add some extra weight to your legs when doing your stair routines. 

So, if you're hoping to show off your new look legs this summer, now's the time to start!

Create a fitness corner

Before you start with programs and strenuous exercises you should of course try some more basic routines, such as Pilates or yoga. By doing so you will help your body to adapt slowly to physical activity and help avoid injuries. The only thing you’ll need is a small space that can accommodate a mat. 

The bedroom, for example, will be a good place to create a small fitness corner for your basic exercises. Every morning after waking up, spending 10 minutes on your mat doing some stretches and yoga exercises will energise you for the rest of the day.

Personal home gym

If you have a room or unused space in your home perhaps the time has come to give it purpose.

Dust off the walls, clean the floor and create a home gym. You can customise it with the machines and equipment you really need and although it may seem like a big investment, in the long run it could be a worthwhile investment if you factor in the money and time you saved by avoiding a gym club.

No more waiting for machines. No more wiping down sweaty machines. Sounds great to us!

For more inspiration, check out these: 6 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Home Gym.

Create a fun room for kids

Exercising is not only important for adults but also children. In fact, the younger we start exercising the better our bodies will develop.

When dealing with children you obviously can’t show them a treadmill and expect them to run a mile. Plus, exercising must also be stimulating for young minds. 

For example, consider the play room above from Roselind Wilson Design. A wall has been transformed into a climbing haven, decorated with colourful hues to add interest and excitement.

Take advantage of your garden

The garden is often used for relaxing under the idle shade of trees, enjoying a cup of coffee with friend or a delicious Sunday BBQ.

Besides its usual functions the garden can also be the perfect space for exercising, especially when it’s sunny. Think about taking advantage of good weather to do some morning yoga exercises in the garden! Bliss.

If you have a spacious garden you could create a small outdoor workout space, which might include a pull up bar, climbing rope or even logs for lifting! Playing physically demanding games is another fun way of exercising so persuade your family to join you for a round of dodgeball or similar activity… a great way to spend quality time together whilst keeping you healthy!

Use the pool if you have one!

If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home then it’s time to finally put it to good use! Swimming is wonderful full body exercise as it makes use of all the muscles. A daily twenty minute swimming session will reap noticeable results and get you into shape fast.

It’s important to also remember that this needs to be in combination with healthy eating habits as exercise alone will not suffice.

There you have it… easy ways to transform your home into a personal gym. Admittedly, the hardest part of exercising is the initial motivation but if you consider that we need 21 days to develop a habit, improving your routine and having a more healthy lifestyle might be closer than you think.

Might you be tempted to try any of these ideas at home? Let us know about your plans in the comments!

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