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Storage is that thing we are always looking for. What is the ideal storage? Something that helps a space become bigger and more practical? We agree. Corner units offer an option that fulfils both of these criteria. An unused space that can suddenly become useful to you.

There are a lot of options when it comes to corner shelf units and we have selected some that we think look good as well as useful. Let us help inspire you to think of ways to use that dark and gloomy corner and turn it into something practical and beautiful. Check out our ideas for corner shelves below!

A Bookcase to be envious of

This bookcase by Fifty Fifty Furniture is something to look at in awe. We think it is a great example of corner shelving and an excellent way to utilise your space in your living room. The shelves go all the way up to the ceiling and you can have your own personal library in your own home. There is even shelving and cupboards on the lower level and this really does maximise the space in this room beautifully.

Twin corners shelving

The space either side of a chimney breast can be a wasted space. And that isn't one corner area, but two. We love this idea and think it looks lovely. A mixture of cupboards and shelves, you can really store anything you want here. The white shelves match the decor of the room very well too, and tie in to the fireplace and mirror. They add some much needed storage in a very open and airy looking living room.

Something a little different

Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves Finoak LTD Living roomShelves
Finoak LTD

Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves

Finoak LTD

We love this double sided shelving unit. It could sit in a corner at an angle to create a very visual use of the space. Of course it can go anywhere, but we think it could use a corner and sit angular to the walls and really look impressive. Not to mention the fact that is double sided and has a lot of storage to it. You could easily put books or family photos on here. The wood is warm and lends itself well to any decoration.

Modern and practical corner shelf ideas

This shelving unit looks really contemporary. The white and wood work well together and can blend in with modern or classic decorations and style. With parts of the shelves hidden from display, this gives you the option to have things available to you that you don't want on display generally. It looks quite funky and we like the overall effect of it's design.

Slanted storage

Sometimes it isn't a corner that is always the problem. Or a strange corner is created by angles. As is the case with this room. The roof slants and makes this corner quite in accessible. However, with the clever use of some lovely wood and a bit of design, we can see how they got around it. It fills the space from the ceiling to the floor and along both walls. Meaning you can put everything somewhere and you will always have your favourite book to hand.

Classic curvy corner shelves

These corner shelves are simply beautiful. They wrap around the corner gracefully and look like they belong there. The slight curve in the wood softens the look of the shelves too. We love the wood and feel that it warms the space really well. Perfect for books, ornaments or photos, we are certain you will be able to fill them in no time. Situated in a hallway here, we feel they are making the most of this space. It makes us think outside of the box a little, in terms of what we could do in our own homes. You could have shelves going around and up your stairs, in corners, in fact, you could have them almost anywhere.

Floor to ceiling shelf ideas

Well, there is a lot of storage in these shelves! Great for an office, bedroom or living room, if you prefer. You could store files, speakers, books and just about everything you want to on these. The sheer height of them gives you so many options in how much you can put on them. We love the simple construction and modern look that they have. The way they draw your eye right up and down and around them is clever too.

Corner bookshelf

People love books and we need somewhere to put them all. Even in this digital age, there is not anything quite like just leafing through the pages of a physical book. Houses have a lot of corners, and if you have a lot of books, then something like this could be worth considering. The wood is warm and soft and the shelves are fully height adjustable too. Whether you prefer an eclectic way of living or a simper cleaner look, we feel these corner shelves would fit.

Distinctive decor shelving

Chunky and funky. These white shelves are brilliant. They are modern and really funky. We love the look of them against the funky wall paper behind them. They could be classed as modern or hark back to the 70s. It depends if this style of paper has come back into fashion. Not that it matters, the styling is distinctive and would bring any eclectic corner to life.

Boxed in

We had to include these shelves. Simply because they look great. They could easily float into any corner you like and they look stunning. We love the design and shape. The sizes are practical too because you can buy them in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs. They can have items on them as well as in them and this is certainly some of the appeal of them.

What do you think of our selection of our corner shelf ideas? What is your favorite style?

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