10 garden water features for every budget

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Nothing finishes a garden space quite like a fabulous garden water feature. Alongside a perfectly manicured lawn, stunning landscaped spaces and beautiful flower beds, a water feature can elevate an outdoor space to new heights of sophistication and design. 

Take a look at these stunning examples of garden water features and see if you are inspired to include a little H2-wow in your outdoor space.

Surge of inspiration

We want to move just so we can find a garden large enough to install a magnificent water jet feature like this! Just look how incredibly dramatic and beautiful these garden water features are en masse, creating a beautiful path of aqua and drawing your eyes to the surrounding greenery effortlessly. The amazing effect is bolstered by clever lighting and makes us want to see the display at night. For a more dramatic or stylised touch, coloured bulbs could be added to the lights.

Setting the scene

The Chalice Water Feature homify Garden Accessories & decoration

The Chalice Water Feature


Wow! What is there to not like about this incredible garden? Dramatic in its nature due to the size and grandeur of the house, this is one space that demands sizeable and dramatic garden water features and this does not disappoint! Mounted in a simple and elegant elongated pond, this infinity fountain offers a soothing flow as well as an eye catching distraction. The bowl itself is understated and chic, helping to merge the modernity of the design with the traditional home seamlessly and without any visual jarring, but be careful if you ever have a garden party, as this could prove almost hypnotic!

A taste of the orient

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature Lush Garden Design Garden Accessories & decoration
Lush Garden Design

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature

Lush Garden Design

The joy of traditional Japanese bamboo garden water features is that they are so effortlessly chic, they fit with any existing design scheme without upsetting the status quo. In fact, in more minimalist outdoor spaces that feature more greenery than decorative installations, a bamboo water feature would add tranquility and focussed ornamentation. When added to a garden in line with Feng Shui practices, Japanese garden water features can bring beauty as well as spiritual alignment!

Petite ponds

For spaces that are able to boast more natural and understated garden water features, small pond spaces designed to look like rockeries are a perfect solution. With water loving botanicals included, stunning natural rocks and discreet lighting designed to reflect the organic beauty of the pond, small can most definitely be mighty. Though the phrase 'garden water features' may automatically bring images of grandiose fountains to mind, it is worth remembering that there is a suitable solution for you, whatever the size of space you have to work with.

Free-flowing and fabulous

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature


If youv'e limited for space but have aspirations of something a little loftier and more high end, a water fountain installation could be the perfection solution. A piece such as this offers class, sophistication and classic elegance thanks to the traditional design and natural materials being showcased and due to the pared back simplicity, this fountain will look perfectly at home in any outdoor space, from large to small and modern to old fashioned. Even better is that garden water features such as this will get even more beautiful as they age and acquire a natural and organic patina.

A stately piece

Not all garden water features can be as enormous or grand as this beautiful, classical fountain that has been perfectly captured by Volker Michael Photography, but for homeowners that have a large expanse of space to take advantage of and a suitably period styled home, a fountain such as this will never look out of place. Offering an almost regal feel, thanks to the classical inspiration seen here in the form of carved female figures holding up the main fountain platform, this is not a piece for a modern garden, but in the grounds of any large estate, would blend in seamlessly, as though it has always belonged.

Underwater urbanite

Modern Family garden in North London, Earth Designs Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

If you are keen to introduce garden water features into your space, but are conscious that you have decidedly less space than some, fear not. This wonderful wall installation shows that there really is a solution for everyone, regardless of how much or how little garden you have free. Easily affixed to any wall, this letterbox-sized waterfall maker brings not only diversity to an urban garden, but injects nature and undeniable style. Sure to be a talking point, a water feature such as this could transform any courtyard garden.

Italian inspiration

This wall fountain could be a prop taken from Roman Holiday! If you pop your hand inside the mouth and tell a lie, the fountain will bite it off, but it's no lie to say that this is one of the most stunning garden water features that we have seen. Classical in design, this is a piece that may, on the surface, seem to only be suited to certain spaces, but thanks to the neutral colour, it would work perfectly anywhere that could accommodate it, size wise. 

Shine a light

Decorative Dancing Floating Fountain Water Garden Ltd Classic style garden
Water Garden Ltd

Decorative Dancing Floating Fountain

Water Garden Ltd

There's only one thing better and more dramatic than a lake fountain and that's a lake fountain with beautiful lighting that makes it look like a firework display is erupting from the water! In this example, mounting the fountain in the lake is a stroke of genius and certainly adds to the dramatic overall effect, but for those of you without large expanses of water in your garden, a feature such as this would work beautifully on a smaller scale. Imagine something similar in style but smaller in stature on a patio or a lawn. Garden water features can be as sensational or as understated as you want, you just have to make a choice.

Gorgeous globe

We are huge fans of this eminently tactile and inviting globe-shaped fountain that gently allows water to trickle from the top and flow gracefully around the body of the item. Mounted on large pebbles and placed prominently within a minimalist and highly stylised outdoor space, garden water features such as this tiger's eye style stone fountain make a big impact while not detracting from other carefully selected decorative features, such as a beautiful bench, subtle greenery or perfectly finished path.

For more water feature inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Modern garden fountains.

Are you planning a water feature for your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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