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6 sensational ideas to renovate your kitchen wall on a low budget

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Well… are you planning to change that old and boring wall of your kitchen with something sensational? What we usually think is to paint the wall or change the tiles. We all wish to make our kitchen look beautifully exciting not for the guests but to impress ourselves. Since most of the waking hours of a homemaker life are spent here, it is irritating to cook regular or sumptuous meal for the family in a greasy and worn out kitchen. Let’s change the look and make our kitchen stunning. The best thing is that it can be done economically.

If you need some inspiration, then just go though these 6 amazing ideas to renovate your kitchen wall.

​1. The magical stone

Think differently and fix stones on the wall and feel the change. The natural look of the stone will transform the humble kitchen into a modern and chic space.

An alternate choice

If the above image inspired you but still there is some doubt in your mind then have a look at this image and give it a second thought. The contrasting colour of the stone is creating an interesting texture.

2. Experimenting with tiles

There is no dearth of choice if you are planning to go for tiles. A lot depends on the selection of tiles. Chose it wisely and the entire environment will change. If you want your white kitchen look bigger, go for white tiles. Here the white tiles extend all through the counter adding to its length.

​Breaking the monotony

Break the monotony of single colour and texture by adding more colours and texture to the tiles. Mix and match the tiles, give your personal touch to it and make it your designer kitchen.

​Motifs on the wall

There are lots of options available in tiles with motifs imprinted on it. Select it as per your choice and change the look.

​Floral magic

Bring in the beauty of nature in the form of flowers in your kitchen; it will brighten up the space.

​3. The fashionable concrete

The latest entrant in the modern and contemporary home styling is concrete. The natural look of concrete makes all the difference in the look and feel of the space. Although it is daring but if used properly it will look sophisticated and chic, and it is economical too. Just see and appreciate the innate beauty of grey wall.

​Be the trend setter

Believe us, concrete looks great and is in trend, just go for it. You can experiment with its colour and texture. Leave it in the natural tone with rough finish or polish it to make it smooth. Choice is yours!

4. Sophisticated Venetian tiles

Splash some colour in your kitchen to match your vibrant personality and cover the wall with the Venetian tiles. The tiles will add fascinating colours and is easy to clean and maintain.

Colour it right

If you love monochrome then show your love for it and be proud of your beautiful kitchen.

Convenience you will love

The satin smooth surface of Venetian tiles is easy to clean. You will really love the change for this quality of it.

​5. Merging the wall

Extending the material used for the counter to cover the wall also will merge the appearance and enhance the look of the kitchen. Minimalist look is simple and modern. Try it if you don’t want too much of experimentation in your kitchen.

​Experimenting with materials

The same material in counter and wall creates a depth and make the cooking area feel larger. It is easy to maintain too. Experiment with different materials. You can opt for marble too. It will look great!

​6. Imitating stone or wood

There are tiles available that is a good replica of stone or wood. The imitation will trick your mind. It will beautify your kitchen and make it look modern and stylish and is not very expensive.

Here are more ideas to see before your start renovating your kitchen: 37 images to see before you start renovating your kitchen

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