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As far as first impressions go, one really can’t be too careful when it comes to the front entrance of a house. A clean floor, fresh potted plants, adequate natural lighting – these are all important, but how many of us ignore the single biggest element that are, quite literally, staring us in the face? We are, obviously, talking about the front door, and not many people are aware that a neat and stylish front door is a crucial factor.

But before you shrug and say that your front door is fine, are you aware that there is a multitude of modern, contemporary, and other door designs out there, each one as unique as the next and designed to give your house that beauty factor it requires?

Have a look at these 30 front door ideas that perfectly illustrate the appeal and versatility of today’s modern front door…

1. The beauty of wood meets the raw character of exposed brick.

Remember wood remains one of the most versatile natural materials – see how perfectly it can style up modern front doors. 

2. Ever thought of opting for a door with a touch of dazzle, like this one?

3. We just love the stainless-steel finishes on this one.

4. See how subtle yet stylish simple metal and glass can be?

5. This contemporary model complements the rustic-like façade perfectly.

We just love the eclectic-like vibes that manifest when contemporary front doors are mixed into rustic, rural-inspired designs.  

6. Nothing like some glazing on the side to neatly frame a front door.

7. Don’t underestimate the style power of a vividly coloured door.

8. Would you opt for one with such geometric patterns?

Which one of our professional Architects will you get in contact with for a dream door / house design? 

9. There’s something about a super modern design that offsets with a lush space, like this front garden.

10. Straight, simple and to the point.

11. Notice how strong the linear design is with this one.

12. It’s not often that we see a white front door, which makes it all the more unique.

13. Nothing like double doors to announce your presence in style.

14. How’s this for an elegant entrance?

15. A front door in strawberry red? Even better when it comes with stainless steel touches.

16. Who says a door can’t be privy to your façade’s modern ambience?

17. Notice how this sleek model beautifully blends in with the façade’s colours.

18. These block designs ensure some detail without overdoing it.

19. Who says you can’t pick your door in your favourite colour?

20. How charming is this cute overhang that adds the finishing touch to the timber front door?

21. We just love the elongated look of this double design.

22. A bit of a curve here and there never hurt anyone, right?

23. A metal door framed by stone-clad arches? Now that’s clever design!

24. Front doors don’t need to stand out, yet they also mustn’t become complete wall flowers.

25. How about this rich wooden model to welcome your guests in style?

26. Modern design meets rough exposed brick? It works for us!

27. It’s all about contrast with this swirly design.

28. There’s something about a lengthened handle that just makes a door look more ‘official’, don’t you agree?

29. This off-white hue is the perfect choice for this modern model.

30. Royal blue with a touch of stainless steel ensures a rich, almost nautical vibe here.

Choosing the right front door: Do consider your home’s style

Just in case you’re still in need of some more modern/contemporary front door ideas, we have these tried-and-tested tips to help you pick the ideal door design. 

Picking a door design totally different from your house’s architectural style can create a playful juxtaposition. Otherwise, to play it safe, stick to the same design styles for your house and door, and consider letting it stand out in another via (like painting it an eye-catching colour). 

Choosing the right front door: Don’t forget to inspect your neighbourhood

Take a walk or drive around your neighbourhood to see what door designs and –colours stand out. Houses with a similar style/colour to yours can give you a pretty good idea of what to consider, and what to stay away from. 

Maybe these 14 homes with brilliant bi-folding doors can inspire you some more

Which modern- or contemporary door design is ideal for your home?

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