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5 things to DIY instead of buy

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DIY, some love it, others loathe it, but no matter what your stance on 'do it yourself' home projects, you will undoubtedly find some domestic items are quite simple and easy to produce rather than purchase. 'Do it yourself' can save money and surprisingly, time, not to mention the added benefit of creating something on your own, while flexing your creative muscles. 

Today on homify we are taking a look at six home items that are easy to DIY instead of buy. Bits and pieces that can be creatively built, assembled, or produced, easily and efficiently. Check out the following examples below, and start planning your next DIY home project today. 

Decorative wall art

Adorning interior walls with stylish artwork can be an expensive and difficult task. Finding the right style for your home, and within your budget, may prove a tricky and time consuming duty. DIY does not replace the magnificent pieces of art in your home, but can offer a fun and exciting project to give your home an individual touch. Think about getting some of your favourite photographs enlarged, and hang them proudly upon your walls. Additionally, consider drawing, collage, and paintings, to create stylish and original pieces for your home. 

A bathroom ladder

Bathroom ladders are a perfect accessory for hanging one's towels, and linen. They are also expensive, but for such a small accessory, they can be an ideal addition to even a very compact bathroom. If you are renting a home, you may find you are unable to screw accessories into the walls of your space. A simple ladder can provide a stylish alternative. Search vintage stores, for a used timber ladder, or head to your local hardware store, purchase some timber, and get to work on your DIY project. 

Throw cushions

With the abundance of different fabrics on the market today, you can create virtually any cushion pattern or design possible. Take some time to head to your local second hand shop and scrounge around the fabric section to find some vintage textiles, perfect for re-imagination into stylish home accessories. If sewing is not your forté, purchase the material and find an inexpensive seamstress to do the hard work for you. 

Pendant lighting

Brilliant Bethnal Green Propia Industrial style kitchen

Brilliant Bethnal Green


Pendant lighting is one of the easiest items to make for your home. Think about your current decor and choose a colour or style based on your individual aesthetic. Pendant lights can be made from almost anything: from origami paper, coffee filters, to Tupperware containers, hanging light shades are easily a fun and exciting DIY project. 

A bedhead

King of Cotton's Beds & Headboards King of Cotton BedroomBeds & headboards
King of Cotton

King of Cotton's Beds & Headboards

King of Cotton

Bedheads come in all shapes and sizes, and are often one of the most expensive items you will purchase for your sleeping quarters. Some bedheads, such as this gorgeous upholstered item from King of Cotton, are not easily made, and you will simply have to save those pounds until you can invest in one. There are however many different options if you want to DIY your own bedhead. Think outside the box, and employ different techniques to create a new and interesting look. Adhesive wall murals are a popular option that can easily reduce the cost, and can be made easily, while found objects such as branches can be tied together to form a rustic and individual item. Finally, consider your secoond hand thrift stores; these places are a treasure trove of items that can easily be reconfigured to act as a stylish and original bedhead. 

Garden planters

Zinc Metal Bucket Lilac Coast Garden Plant pots & vases
Lilac Coast

Zinc Metal Bucket

Lilac Coast

Garden planters are easily one of the most straightforward items to DIY instead of buy. Virtually any container can act as a planter for herbs, flowers, balcony plants, and more. Choose items that have instant vintage appeal, such as old tins, metal pails, and timber crates. Not only do these items effortlessly add a sense of interest and uniqueness to your home, they are inexpensive, with countless designs and options. When planting, there are two options to ensure your plants are healthy, and most importantly, live. Firstly, create several holes in the base of your planter: this can be easy with tin, plastic, or timber, but considerably harder with metal containers. Then place a fine wire mesh across the bottom of the pot to stop the soil falling through, but ensure the plant has drainage. A second, and far less intensive way to use your planter is to head to your local nursery and pick up a pot insert. These inserts are inexpensive and can be placed within your planter, ensuring good drainage, and a healthy plant. 

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Do you have any other suggestions for items to DIY instead of buy? Let us know in the comments below!

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