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Steph Mann Steph Mann
Period Conversion Designs for Living by Claire Beckhaus Classic style study/office
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A wall clock is something that is really useful to have around the house. We don't always have our phones available or have a watch on. Sometimes a good old fashioned clock is the simplest way of telling the time.

We love vintage as a style and have selected some of the clocks we feel are true to this style. Some may be a little different than you expect, but exploring a look that is a little bit beyond your expectations is certainly worth a look. Clocks serve a purpose, and no one likes to be late!

Modern vintage

Pink Atomica Clock Hi! TIME HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Pink Atomica Clock


We love this clock and think it would look stunning in any living room. It has a sense of modern vintage in that it looks like it could have been around in the swinging 60s. How old does something have to be to classify itself as vintage? We think it means something form an era gone by, which is why we are showing you this design. It has been laser cut and is very asymmetrical. The pink penalised acrylic against the black with gold numbers looks stunning.

Classically beautiful

The room was designed by Claire Beckhaus. We love the red that is apparent in the room. It really brings the traditional looking wall clock to life. The dark wood that encases the clock really stands out against the red back drop. The roman numerals just scream vintage to us. The hands on the clock have an air of elegance to them too, that just make it feel slightly older and not modern in any way. It sits perfectly in the room with the updated looking classic wing chair.

Mixed vintage

Wall clock Madera Otono Design Dining roomAccessories & decoration
Otono Design

Wall clock Madera

Otono Design

Wood always looks vintage. You can pair it with modern elements, like in this clock here. The hands and the exterior ring certainly have modern elements to them. But paired with the wood, we feel it has a vintage look and would fit in a traditional looking room that you maybe wanted to bring up to date a little bit.

Oversized vintage

Dining area homify Modern dining room

Dining area


When you don't want to go small, why not go big? In fact, why not go oversized! We love the sheer volume of this clock. It is not hiding away, it is not shy and retiring, instead it holds itself magnificently on this wall. It definitely has a vintage appeal to it. From the roman numerals to the antiqued cream colour of the clock face itself. It is a stylish piece in this dining room and draws your attention right to it.

A classic room

This room is very traditional looking. With a wood burning stove and a rocking chair, it just takes us back to a different era. The clock sits off centre to the room and helps draw the vintage look together in the space. It can be seen as mere decoration, and it is to a point. However we can imagine it ticking away in the background as we sit rocking away to it's beat, making it much more than a time piece. It is a clock that doesn't look out of place in this timeless room.

Vintage vinyl

Vinyl Wall Clocks - handcrafted design made out of real Record LP Discs Living roomAccessories & decoration

Vinyl Wall Clocks—handcrafted design made out of real Record LP Discs

So vinyl is most definitely vintage. With fewer and fewer people listening to vinyl, it is lovely to see it being taken into design. We love the look of these clocks with their unique look. The carved discs just look amazing and we love the appeal. The clocks make you look at them in great detail, from a cityscape to jazz musicians, they are amazing. The vintage aspect of vinyl would be perfect for those of us who love an old school look.

Retro vintage

Selection of VIntage Clocks Retro Bazaar Ltd Living roomAccessories & decoration
Retro Bazaar Ltd

Selection of VIntage Clocks

Retro Bazaar Ltd

We think all of these clock designs look cool. Cool can be vintage too! The designs here cover a huge variety of spaces. From office to living room, we think they would sit well in many rooms. They all feature distinctive looks and individual appeal. They look like they could be from the 80s and are very retro looking.

Copper clock

Antique Victorian Copper Clock Face with Hands UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques Living roomAccessories & decoration
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Antique Victorian Copper Clock Face with Hands

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

This clock stood out to us just because it looks truly vintage . With a copper infusion clock face and roman numerals, it just holds that absolute vintage appeal. The hands are large and look amazing. You would never miss the time with this clock. It looks sturdy and strong and would go well in a dining room or in any room with a fire place where it could just be a clock. It is slightly imposing, but that is why we like it as much as we do.


We love this look on a clock face. It is quite industrial looking, but this makes it feel vintage. The copper tones and the faded numbers make it look like it has been around for years and is weather beaten. The hands are elegant and simple, but this clock makes telling the time a pleasure. We can see it in a modern industrial space alongside other similar furniture.

Reclaimed wood

RECLAIMED FRENCH OAK WALL CLOCK Jam Furniture Living roomAccessories & decoration
Jam Furniture


Jam Furniture

This clock is made form reclaimed wood, giving it genuine vintage appeal. It sits in a modern aluminium frame, but this doesn't detract from the vintage look. Made from french oak, the wood is simply stunning. It uses a Quartz mechanism that will make sure you never run late. Each of these clocks are unique because they are made individually. It is full of character and all the timbers make each clock face look different. As far as vintage goes, this really is lovely. We feel it would look lovely in any room with a vintage feel.

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