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With the days getting shorter and a little cooler, wouldn't it be nice to be able to make every room in your home a whole lot more cosy? Well, interior designers think so too, which is why we've been able to observe the small changes they have been making in clients' homes, to get a more seasonally appropriate atmosphere working! With winter and Christmas just around the corner, the time for going out has ended and it's all about night's in now, so let's find out how you can make any room a whole lot more cosy and snug!

1. Light a proper fire.

A proper fire, whether in an open grate, a contemporary fireplace or a woodburner, will instantly up the cosy factor of any room. Don't just contain this idea to your living room though, as we think a bedroom fire is a really snug and romantic idea too!

2. Experiment with natural materials.

A mix of natural stone, exposed bricks and wood will always bring a more rustic and cosy feeling into play, not to mention a gorgeous aesthetic! We love using this tip in unexpected spaces too, like bathrooms

3. Layer your textiles.

When it comes to a cosy space, the more textiles you have, the better! Multiple throws, blankets and cushions are all going to work really well, as long as you choose soft-touch fabrics!

4. Invest in sumptuous fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics, when it comes to creating a cosy room, you really need to choose your materials carefully. Velvets, brocades, natural wool and felt are perfection and can be used in such a myriad of ways, from seasonal sofa covers through to draught-excluding curtains.

5. Never negate a statement rug.

We're just going to be straightforward here and say that you will not be able to properly capture a cosy look and feel without a statement rug, front and centre! Your feet need to touch deep pile, to really feel snug!

6. Choose dark wall colours.

We don't for a second think that you'll be painting every season, but if you want a more cosy look and feel in a space all year round, choose bold, dark colours for your walls! This black hallway feels so enclosed and snug!

7. Don't skimp on the furniture.

If there is one design aesthetic that really contrasts with cosy styling, it's minimalism. If you want to get that cosy and welcoming vibe right, you need to turn your back on the 'less is more' school of thought and be ready to stuff extra furniture pieces, including some retro items, into a room!

8. Throw pillows are an amazing tool.

Want to get a really cosy feel in your bedroom? Then you need more throw pillows! Making your bed appear like a sumptuous and fluffy cloud will make the rest of the room feel cosier, by proxy! Also, treat yourself to some really nice brushed cotton bed linen!

9. Choose ambient lighting.

A cosy home can be an energy efficient one as well, if you stop automatically reaching for the main light switch! Ambient lighting is so much better for creating a cosy vibe, so put your lamps to better use and why not start lighting a few candles too?

10. Showcase some big plants.

Our final tip for a cosy room is to fill corner spaces with large plants. We'd be tempted to maybe add some fairy lights as well, just to heighten the effect! Palms and large cacti will work SO well for this tip!

For more cosy tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Cosy corner sofas.

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