​10 tips to make your closet more practical

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It’s a fact that a messy environment has a direct effect on our moods, and it’s not positive. Can you imagine struggling to smile and concentrate while having to dig your way through a cluttered space (regardless of whether it’s the kitchen, living room, hallway or another room altogether)? 

Today we want to focus on the positive power of a neat and tidy closet/wardrobe, seeing as we all deal with our dressing space at least twice a day (can you see why an orderly closet/wardrobe is so important?). Let’s see how to jumpstart a positive mindset via a neat closet!

1. First of all, clean out your closet by emptying each drawer, dusting each cubby, and being honest about which items you no longer require.

2. Organise your clothing via colours and seasons, which will make dressing each morning much easier.

3. Accept some diversity. Not every single element in your wardrobe needs to hang – T-shirts are perfectly acceptable folded and neatly stacked atop one another.

4. Make use of drawers wherever possible, as they can be ideal for anything from shirts and shoes to underwear.

5. Storage boxes are life-saving elements that can enhance any space’s commitment to storage, as long as they’re kept neat.

6. Never pile up your shoes on top of each other as it leads to an untidy look. Store each pair in boxes, in cubby holes, or stack them neatly next to each other.

7. A few simple hanging rods can mean the difference between an untidy wardrobe and one that looks quite inviting.

8. Take your drawers’ storage so much further via cubby holes for anything from ties to jewellery pieces.

9. A full-length mirror (if you have space for one) immediately adds functionality and style to a dressing space/closet.

10. As we’ve said, be honest about which clothing pieces you no longer use. If you haven’t worn anything in 12 months, take it out and give it to charity!

What other tips do you have to ensure a tidier clothing space?

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