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Just as every family is unique, their homes are often equally as individual. No new build is ever the same, and each new home must reflect the desires and needs of its owners both now and in the future. This beautiful family home in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires is unlike many of its newly built counterparts. At the time of building the owner's were a family of three, but this was to change in the future. A project of Estudio de Arquitectura Clariá & Clariá The home was built in two separate stages; the first initial stage, and the expansion at the time after two more children were born. This careful planning and shrewd design allowed the home to completely on a somewhat limited budget, and to allow the family's life to not be interfered when work began on the second stage. Let's take a look at this truly one-of-a-kind home.

Clean lines

The desire to live a life with easy access to nature led the family to build on the outskirts of the capital, allowing their children to grow up in an environment that allowed them to be active and free. The house itself if a bold statement against the natural backdrop; the sharp lines and significant volumes instantly draw our eyes around the entire structure. The thick walls have been built from load-bearing brick and plaster coated with plastic to ensure they remain waterproof. In addition, this product has an element of elasticity, helping to prevent it from cracking as it ages.

The rear

As viewed from the back, we see a home that has a strong relationship with the outdoors. All rooms of the ground floor open onto the garden whilst each upstairs bedroom has an outdoors view. The form of the home almost looks like a number of building blocks; a fitting analogy for a home built in stages.


Inside we are greeted by a home that has an understated air of sophistication and style. Here we can see the unique design of the corner window, which when viewed from outside adds a particular visual focal point. The feeling is easy-going and breezy, which is the the perfect environment for raising a family.

Get cosy

When family time becomes too much and a second of downtime is needed, mum or dad can retreat to this cosy reading corner. Its design allows natural light to enter at all times of the day, and offers a comfortable place to relax with a good book and a cup of tea.

A relaxing bathroom

The bathroom is simple yet classic, with a colour palette that will remain fresh and contemporary for years to come. The large mirror magnifies the ample daylight that floods the space, whilst remaining private thanks to the choice of blinds.

At night

When viewed at night we gain a better insight as to just how connected the indoor spaces are to the outdoor areas, which perfectly suit the warm summers and mild winters the city is blessed with. 

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