How to utilize a small kitchen to its maximum

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Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
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Small kitchens need not be devoid of charm and functionality and, despite their limited square feet, offer immense potential. The question is how do we tap into that potential and make the most of a small kitchen? 

The right furniture will be a start. Antique furniture—even if not intended for kitchen use—can be used to give warmth and ambiance to the room. You can also expand the kitchen’s space by giving multiple uses to storage solutions and furniture. 

For example, you can use retractable or folding kitchen benches, or have cabinets with multiple storage units. Of course, colours, lighting and decorative objects also play a key part in tapping into the potential of small kitchens.

In today’s article we’ll focus on how furniture, cabinets and drawers can be used in order to achieve the impossible; fitting everything into a small kitchen.

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Round furniture

Having small kitchen that is defined by straight lines can sometimes be quite limiting so it’s time to seek for alternatives. Oliver’s Kitchen, in the image above, offers such an alternative. Moving away from the straight lines of the walls, the kitchen cabinets and drawers take a circular form. The sink, stove and oven fit perfectly in this layout, creating a functional and ergonomic design.

Multipurpose cabinets and shelves

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


Another way to tap into the potential of a small kitchen is with smart storage solutions. In this case, Maple & Gray, in the image shown, have expanded the use of the cabinet by fixing small shelves onto the doors. This creates a multi-storage solution that takes up little space. Besides canned or long shelf life food, the cabinet can be used to house a microwave or other smaller appliances, thus freeing your worktops from appearing so cluttered.

For more inspiration, have a peek at these: Crafty Kitchen Storage Solutions.

Multi-functional benches

The furniture in a small kitchen should also embrace multi-functionality. The kitchen benches, for example, can become a very versatile piece. Cottage Style, shown above, have redefined the bench into a dining table that can also serve as an ironing board. Genius!

Furthermore, to save additional space the bench can also be folded. Of course, when using the bench as an ironing board we'd recommend covering the wood with a thermal sleeve to avoid heat damage.

Fusion of old and modern

Besides multi-functionality you can save space in small kitchens with mobile furniture. Whilst it might strike you as peculiar, the table containing a fitted stovetop in the corner of the image is movable! The image is also a perfect example of how to blend modern and classical styles within such limited dimensions. The design, by Studio 102, is proof that old furniture can provide practical use in a small kitchen’s decor.

Use dead spaces for optimal organisation

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

The corners in a kitchen are usually left unexploited. Even if we manage to add drawers, they will still suffer from a lack of space. However, there is a simple solution!

Tim Jasper, in the image above, has adapted a drawer in a way so that it can fit perfectly into an angular space without losing size. Where there was almost nothing, now you can store almost all of your cutlery. To achieve optimum organisational levels in a small kitchen it is essential to always important exploit dead spaces. 

Dividing rooms

Finally, we will leave you with an open-plan design.

Bilgece Tasarism, shown here, have integrated the kitchen with living room, giving ambiance to both spaces. The fact that there are no separating walls helps light travel through the rooms, creating the perception of enlargement.

The role of the dividing wall is taken by the dining table. The furniture is no longer playing a secondary part in the kitchen’s play; rather it has become the protagonist. So consider using your furniture to create divisions in open-plan kitchen designs. 

Knowing how to use your furniture and storage will help you unleash the potential of your small kitchen. You just need to be a little bit inventive!

How have you maximised the functionality of your small kitchen? Share any tips with us in the comments!

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