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​Decorating your house according to your star sign

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Stuck between floral wallpaper and mosaic tiles? Not sure if you should go with cherry red, daffodil yellow or lime green for your scatter cushions? Well, you could either phone up a professional interior designer, or maybe you should turn to the Zodiac to see how you are meant to style up your home

Yes, not all of us put stock into star signs and how they affect our daily lives, but you can’t deny that it makes for some pretty amusing reading.

So, whether you choose to believe in it or not, let’s see what styles and designs your particular star sign is recommending for your home.

1. Sagittarius: Emphasis should be placed on comfort, which means fluffy armchairs, plush pillows, and lots of legroom in-between your furnishings.

2. Scorpio: For your bathroom, go with cold hues (blues, greys) complemented by white furniture items. And the more open space you have, the better.

3. Capricorn: Mystery is what it’s all about, so we recommend sleek finishes, contemporary furnishings, earthy colours and eye-catching art pieces.

4. Aquarius: It’s all about socialising, which means a big sofa and lots of seating room for all your friends. Friendly patterns are more than welcome.

5. Leo: Elegance is everything, which means only top-notch modern décor items and refined furnishings are good enough for your space.

6. Pisces: Swimming upstream, you want to include décor pieces and furnishings that go against the norm – ‘quirky’ is your keyword.

7. Cancer: Warm and homey is what your environment should be, meaning red hues and bricks or wood for materials to ensure a welcoming look.

8. Gemini: You’re in two minds, so think of ‘contrast’ when styling up your home – materials and colours that offset, dissimilar designs for visual effect, etc.

9. Taurus: You’re closely in tune with nature and that’s why you can’t get by without a decent dose of plants and flowers – but include floral- and botanical patterns too.

10. Aries: You’re the boldest of them all, so feel free to splash a brave colour against a wall or coat up a surface in sleek stainless steel to make it more prominent.

11. Virgo: The design doesn’t matter, but the layout and placement of furnishings must be done meticulously. Measured spaces, perfect placement of décor, etc.

12. Libra: Think romance and passion; go with warm tones and materials (wood and plush fabrics), and ensure you are committed to pleasing scents in your home.

Interested to learn more? Let’s see how to go about Matching your garden to your Zodiac sign.

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Do you agree with your star sign’s recommendation, or do you prefer another’s?
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