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Antique Reproduction Oval Desk Parklane Furniture Study/officeDesks
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While some people may favour a modern take on office furniture, which sees clean lines and stark installations taking centre stage, others have a yearning for something more traditional or old fashioned. Antique office furniture does not need to dictate a decorating theme, but when chosen carefully, it can certainly bolster or add to one effectively. By bringing a touch of the old into your home or office, you can give something inanimate new life and in return it will contribute to yours by adding character and style.

Take a look at these examples of antique office furniture and have a think about embracing a little tradition into your work space.

Cabinet with character

Chetna Antique Timber and Steel Trunk Little Tree Furniture Study/officeStorage
Little Tree Furniture

Chetna Antique Timber and Steel Trunk

Little Tree Furniture

For storage with a twist, a work space that seeks to include antique office furniture can't go wrong with some interesting cupboards. Far more beautiful and unique than standard metal filing cabinets and desk drawers, this vintage trunk could be put to countless uses in the right office! A real statement piece, this could even be used as a coffee table in a meeting room or to conceal modern necessities that are less than appealing, style wise, such as accident books and employee handbooks.

Deliciously dark

Antique Reproduction Oval Desk Parklane Furniture Study/officeDesks
Parklane Furniture

Antique Reproduction Oval Desk

Parklane Furniture

Antique office furniture doesn't come much better or more traditional than this incredible dark wood desk! Finished to perfection, the wood shimmers and boasts of being the perfect plinth to conduct some very serious business from. Ideal in a room that favours a heritage paint scheme, such as the lovely pistachio on the wall in this example, we can imagine a swivelling leather captains chair being the perfect finishing touch for a piece such as this.

Old meets new

A fabulous melding of old and new, this desk from The Treasure Trove is every bit a piece of antique office furniture, but the paint finish on it is decidedly modern. Finished in contrasting hues, but in the shabby chic style, this desk is sure to satisfy everyone, from antique fans through to modern design aficionados that recognise the effort that has gone into the paint. If paired with a genuine antique chair, we can imagine this desk being the focal point for any office, but especially one within a creative industry!

Wood works

Early 19th Century Military Campaign Chest Dressing roomStorage

Early 19th Century Military Campaign Chest

Nothing quite says luxury or opulence like beautiful wood that has been perfectly finished and when looking for antique office furniture, you will no doubt come across a large amount of pieces that you may not automatically  think could work in the workplace. This chest of drawers, for example, may be initially though of as more of a bedroom piece, but imagine a busy executive that cycles to work and wants somewhere to stow his cycling attire. This would be perfect and moreover, could hold a week's worth of clean shirts and ties. The larger drawer could be used for filing and the top is perfect for displaying books. It all just takes a little imagination!

Industrial antiques

If your penchant for antique office furniture sees you leaning more towards industrial styles, why not think about traditional office pieces that have some history? This vintage filing cabinet ticks all the right boxes as it is practical, has a defined office purpose, is utterly usable, looks attractive and is a genuine antique. A little bit different, the stripped metal looks great and would suit a modern style office that has chosen unique pieces to add some embellishment and character.

Auspiciously antique

Repurposed Factory Desk Original House Study/officeDesks
Original House

Repurposed Factory Desk

Original House

Antique office furniture has a tendency to bring to mind dark walnut, opulent finishes and heavy fabrics and though all of these are fantastic, they might not be for everyone. If you are keen to inject some old fashioned character but prefer a more natural and pared back decorative style, how about something like this wonderful antique draftsman's desk? Full of character and age, this antique office furniture would be an eye catching installation in any work room!

Take a seat

If you are not looking to deck your entire workspace out with antique office furniture, adding something small but full of character might be a better solution for you. This high back chair has infinite charm and would look perfectly at home in even the most modern office, especially is a fun cushion was added. The ideal addition for an office that wants just a hint of history, an understated but comfortable piece such as this is irresistible.

Light the way

Burrell Light homify Study/officeLighting

Burrell Light


If you are opting to decorate with antique office furniture, give some careful thought to the accessories and furnishings that you will be including too. The right desk lamp, for example, can mean the difference between a theme working and appearing cohesive or falling flat at the final hurdle. If you were to install a stunning walnut desk with a leather top, a modern light would stand out, whereas something like this example would look perfect. Small and understated, it is enough to support but not overshadow a theme.

Small and simple

Antique office furniture can be included in small areas as well as private offices. Take a waiting room for example; though a large leather Chesterfield sofa would look grand and fantastic, in a small office, something as simple as this antique table and chair would make a very fine impression on clients. The perfect size for some flowers and relevant magazines, the table is a practical piece that alludes to the attention to detail that has been given during the decorating process. Remember; it's the small details that can count the most.

Marvellous metal

Hyatt Industrial Bakers Cafe Chair - Vintage Black and Vintage Off White Little Tree Furniture KitchenTables & chairs
Little Tree Furniture

Hyatt Industrial Bakers Cafe Chair—Vintage Black and Vintage Off White

Little Tree Furniture

If you enjoy an office set up that is less than traditional, say a home office, you are in a fortunate position as you can really inject your personal style into every furniture purchase. Antique office furniture does bring to mind certain pieces, but with a little imagination, you can find vintage pieces that give an insight into the life they had before you and support your design aesthetic. We love this antique metal chair that looks as though it has emerged from rural France and we can picture it looking fantastic in a shabby chic style office, which seeks to display a few interesting antique purchases.

For more office inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Inspiring home office spaces.

Are you a fan of antiques in the office? Let us know in the comments!

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