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​10 everyday home habits that are costing you money

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Just because you’re used to doing something doesn’t mean that it’s the best course of action – or that you can’t change it. And when it comes to today’s economic climate, we all need to do our parts to stretch our budgets a bit, right? 

Ever wondered how you can save some money around your home (and we don’t mean by shopping less)? Take a look at these 10 habits (that most of us are guilty of) that are costing you more money than you realise…

1. Leaving the tap running while you busy yourself with something else – water is precious!

2. Leaving the TV on when nobody’s watching. Why would you waste electricity and money like that?

3. It’s common leaving a fan on during a hot day, but at least switch it off when leaving the room.

4. Doing laundry is crucial, of course, but wait until you have a full load so you can save both electricity and water.

5. See if you can re-use the water from your shower/bath for other purposes, like flushing the toilet or watering the garden.

6. Why would you leave the lights on when you’re not even home?

7. Keeping your fridge full (even with pitchers of water) can help it regulate the temperature inside and not use as much electricity on empty space.

8. If you must leave the porch light on for security reasons, at least opt for lights with lower wattage.

9. Use a hose gun when watering your garden, giving you control over the amount (and direction) of your watering and saving water by only using what you need.

10. Switch off that bathroom light when not in use – it’s as easy as that!

Speaking of saving water, let’s see how to go about Fixing your annoying leaky shower.

In what other ways can we save electricity, water and money around the house?

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