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Traditional Cut String painted staircase with an Oak Handrail and carved Brackets. Buscott Woodworking Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
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Hallways are the first part of the house that we usually step into. It is the place we leave our shoes, coats and our keys. For this very reason, storage is very important in this area of any house. We think that this means that you can mix style with practicality. 

You don't have to have big ugly storage units, especially when there are really some stunning ones out there. Check out our hallway storage ideas below!

Open space storage ideas

This home was designed by Designscape Architects Ltd and we love the open style of it. The hallway is long and storage is limited. However the table offers a good place to either sit or leave things on. The drawer at the end is perfect for keeping in keys, torches and all of those other bits and bobs that you accumulate and have nowhere else to store them. It isn't a cabinet as such, but it is certainly a different idea on something you can have in a slightly larger hallway.

Sleek and modern storage ideas

Privat Apartments in Novosibirsk EVGENY BELYAEV DESIGN Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs

Privat Apartments in Novosibirsk


The cabinet here is very large and we can imagine storing a large variety of things in here. From jackets and coats, to shoes and boots. The exterior looks really modern and sleek, so it really doesn't matter what you put on the inside because the outside will always look neat and well finished. This is another factor in hallway storage to consider. It can appear stunning, whilst remaining very practical.

Twin cabinets storage ideas

Templewood Avenue, NW3 XUL Architecture Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
XUL Architecture

Templewood Avenue, NW3

XUL Architecture

On occasion it is called for a tall cabinet like the one above. However in a normal home, without tall ceilings, we don't always want something so tall. Here we can see there are twin cabinets that sit side by side. This hallway is narrower and we think this look works well. It adds an element of storage, as well as looking good design wise. The wood in these cabinets and the marble effect tops look beautiful and classic. They sit well in this modern hallway and give us somewhere to put out belongings.

Hidden cabinets storage ideas

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


We think this design is brilliant. We can't imagine a better use of the space under the stairs than this. It consists of two units that just slide out. One for coats, the other for shoes. It is perfect. Essentially the design can be taken and implemented under many normal staircases, and it means no additional storage cabinets. Most of the time, the space under the stairs becomes a bit of a dumping ground. This solution puts an end to that and utilises the space.

A bookcase in a perfect space

Cabinets can really take up space that we may not have. This solution, as with the image above, utilises the space that is already there. Books, CDs (for those that still have them) and other random objects, can often end up in any space available. Here we can see this hallway storage has a place for all those things and more. There are cupboards at the bottom and these can be used for anything at all. We love how the wood matches the floor and the modern looking staircase. This hallway looks very open and spacious, thanks to it's storage.

Multiple drawer unit storage ideas

Entrance Hall homify Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs

Entrance Hall


This hallway unit is fairly substantial. It offers a lot in the way of storage with it's multiple drawers. You can store items on top, as well as inside it. We love the light wood against the dark teal wall behind it. The only issues we can find with this is that if you forget which drawer you put your car keys in, you may be a little late for work!

Long and slender storage ideas

This hallway cabinet offers a much more modern look. The lines are contemporary and the finish is sleek. There is a lot of storage in the base of the unit, perfect for shoes and anything else you want to put out of sight. We also like the fact that you can use it as a bench to sit on when you are removing your shoes. The white really goes with any hallway decor and helps open up even the smallest of spaces.

Dark hallway storage ideas

Gilbert scott building SW15 CasaNora Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs

Gilbert scott building SW15


We feel that we have shown you a lot of light wood options, or lighter looking hallway cabinets. This one is a darker wood and we think it works just as well, but it would probably sit better in a larger hallway. It has a lot of internal space, as well as the space on top for ornaments and family photos. It goes well in this hallway with the patterned wallpaper behind it and the lighter wood floor.

Using all available space

Tantallon Road Lambert&Sons Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Tantallon Road


When a hallway is long and slender, it makes perfect sense to utilise all the space available to you. This hallway storage cabinet goes from the floor to the ceiling and we think it really makes good use of the space. Between the cupboard space and the shelves, we think this cabinet is a great balance of practicality and design. The white helps open up the hallway and not make it feel enclosed.

Under the stairs hallway storage

Traditional Cut String painted staircase with an Oak Handrail and carved Brackets. Buscott Woodworking Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Buscott Woodworking

Traditional Cut String painted staircase with an Oak Handrail and carved Brackets.

Buscott Woodworking

Again, we are showing a good way to use awkward spaces to our advantage. These shelves show a wonderful way to store books (or anything you choose) in a very odd shaped space. This hallway has benefited from some lovely design and a cabinet has been created to fit the space. We love the spot light that floods the area just enough to illuminate the entire space. Using small spaces to create a big impact is very clever in terms of design.

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