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The entranceway or hallway of a home can be one of the first introductions to a home, so why not make it an unforgettable first impression? Add a modern console table that is both functional and high in design. Play with shapes, colours and pattern to create a truly unique entranceway to a home. These modern console tables are all modern but come in various styles from eclectic to elegant to minimalist and are perfect ideas for anyone looking to add something memorable to their entranceway.

Eclectic modern style

Black geometric console table or side table Laser cut Furniture & Screens Living roomSide tables & trays
Laser cut Furniture & Screens

Black geometric console table or side table

Laser cut Furniture & Screens

This modern console table is so attention grabbing it will definetly make any entranceway memorable. It has a really unique design that is a bit reminiscent of a piece from Morocco. There is a beautiful, intricate pattern that consists of many small triangles. The outline of the piece is a dark steel, but the cool part is it is not solid. Instead, it is open and so picks up on the collie of the wall, in this case white, which makes the modern console table stand out even more. For anyone looking for something unusual and high fashion, this is the way to go. 

Dual colours

This is a great modern and elegant console table. The table is highly functional as it has two surfaces, one on the top and one on the bottom, for displaying art work and vases and the like. There are then three small drawers, again adding great storage that can perhaps be used for keys and mail. The console itself is created from two different colour materials, which adds to the style. First it is bordered in a dark wood colour, and then the table tops and the face of he draws are a light wood. These two different colours add style to the piece and also makes it look very elegant while providing much storage.

Sleek entrance

House in Hamble-le-Rice II LA Hally Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
LA Hally Architect

House in Hamble-le-Rice II

LA Hally Architect

Looking for a sleek, minimalist modern console table? Look no further. The designer here has created the perfect minimalist hallway with a slim, sleek console table. The table is a dark wood colour, which stands out against the white walls and also picks up the darkness of the staircase. The table has thin, straight legs that compliment the rest of the table. Overall this is a great piece for those who don't want to take up too much room, and instead wants a very modern, sleek and minimalist console table.

One of a kind

This modern console table definetly is a one of a kind piece that will literally make the entranceway of a home the most unforgettable part of the home. The table is extremely unique in design, with many light wooden legs that crisis cross each other at the top. The legs in a way look like a dinosaur display at a museum, and this piece of furniture surely looks like it belongs in one. The table top is made of glassmaker ensuring that attention is not taken away from the dramatic legs. This table is a great piece for anyone who wants to steer clear of the ordinary.

Modern materials

Chandelier SI-2 Intuerilight Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs

Chandelier SI-2


The use of two different mayerisls always adds a great touch of personality and design to a piece of furniture and this modern console table is no different. It's table top is made of a deep wood, while the legs are a metal silver colour. The lines of the table are sharp, creating perfect rectangles both with the table top and the modern legs. These two colours together look hip and modern This table is the perfect compliment to the already very stylish and hip area.

Glass top

A glass top can look very light  airy and welcoming me as it does with this modern console table. The table is a very slim rectangle shape, which is very modern with its sleek design. The legs too are thin, and are made of a dark metal material. The table top is made of glass, which balances the darkness of the table frame and keeps the space looking fresh, light and inviting.

Fancy legs

Hallway homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs



This modern console table is made super unique thanks to the one of a kind legs it has. The legs are a light colour, and are fixed at angles that make them look like darts or arrows. The table top is made of dark wood, which balances out the lighter legs and makes the table stand out even more. Overall the table is very slim and does not take up much space. It becomes the perfect piece for a minimalist who loves unique, art house design. 

Tray table

Bright corridor with skylights Balance Property Ltd Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Balance Property Ltd

Bright corridor with skylights

Balance Property Ltd

For another unique look, this modern console table looks like a giant tray. It has larger silver metal legs that cross at the center, just like a tray. The table top is a dark wood colour and is framed by the same silver finish. The table is eye catching, as the silver legs really stand out, especially against the light colour floor and white wall. It is a great modern console table that adds much character to this hallway. 

Stone design

Looking to work with another material to create a truly unique and modern console table? Look no further. This console table uses stone to create an attention grabbing look. The base of the table starts with dark colored stones that are wide at the base, become slim, and become wide again to support the table top. The table top is made from a lighter stone, which adds great colour and texture against the darker base, the end result is a modern console table that will surely make s great first impression in any home.

Slim, long, and modern

This modern console table is grand in a very clean, minimalist way. The table is extra long and narrow, it's shape becoming the perfect design for a modern table. The table top is a light wood, which along with the dark legs, stands out and creates a unique piece. Overall the table is slim and space saving, perfect for that minimalist who hates clutter.

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