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Hallway tables with storage solutions

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Hallway storage is very much something that we need. As it is essentially the first room that we enter when we go into our homes, we always look for a place to leave our keys, bags and so on. It is natural to want to put things down when we get home.

A hallway table that has storage is a great item to have in any hall. It can be a really lovely looking piece of furniture. They can be large or small to suit any space and home and we hope we have found some for you too be inspired by.

Modern and elegant

This hallway is long and slim and needs a table that not only reflects this, but fits the look too. This table does all of those things. We don't think you could have something here that was too bulky, as it would stick out too much and eat into the already limited space. The classic shape of this table shows how elegant it is. It has been reconditioned and now looks slightly more modern in sliver. Mixed with the white walls and wooden floor, the colours all completely compliment each other.

Classic elegance

There really is nothing more classic than black and white.The colour-way in this hallway is just elegance in a photo. The large mirror is reflecting light around the room and it looks stunning. The table is slender and long, again adding to the elegance. With three drawers in the unit, it offers plenty of storage and also means you can stick to the minimalist look of the hallway and keep clutter out of sight. A hallway such as this wouldn't benefit from looking messy, hence we feel this table is the perfect piece. Designed by Roselind Wilson, we love this look.

Shabby, yet chic

From elegant to industrial. We love the stark contrast of this hallway table to the one above. They are complete opposites, but both fit into their own environments. The abstract feeling of this table matches the art above it perfectly. With a table on top and storage underneath, it certainly has a lot of places to put things. As a crate in a former life, it was built for storage. Now there is no need for your hallway to look too cluttered, even if you are more shabby than chic. This contemporary looking design will add a great focal point, as well as storage in any hall.

A table or a bench?

Farmhouse Ivory Wicker Storage Seat The Cotswold Company Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory Wicker Storage Seat

The Cotswold Company

Tables are really great in hallways because they offer somewhere to put photos or vases of flowers. On occasion sometimes it would be handy to have a bench, that could also be a table. We like this particular design because it really can be either. The large baskets underneath offer brilliant storage for just about anything you want to put in there.


Bonsoni MDP Lynx 3 Drawer Dressing Table Black homify Corridor, hallway & stairsDrawers & shelves

Bonsoni MDP Lynx 3 Drawer Dressing Table Black


A larger hallway like this doesn't need to be filled with storage. We think that this black table is perfect. It can double as a desk too, if you needed it. The unit has three generous sized drawers that really add to the storage element of it. The bottom drawer is larger than the top two, making it ideal for larger items. You could certainly put keys, mail and bags away in here so that they are out of sight. The top is perfect for any ornaments you wish to display.

Small but perfect

Bonsoni MDP Lynx 3 Drawer Bedside Walnut & Black homify Corridor, hallway & stairsDrawers & shelves

Bonsoni MDP Lynx 3 Drawer Bedside Walnut & Black


Once more, depending on the space available to you and your hall, there is a unit for everyone. If you have limited space or stairs that eat into a hallway, we think this little unit is perfect. In a lovely wooden finish, with high glossed black drawers, it is something a little more modern. It sits well in a lighter room and this also helps draw your attention right to it. Given the size of it, we feel it can easily tuck away into a corner or tight space whilst offering us extra storage.

Very unique

Chic and unique. We love this image and how the top hat sits so elegantly on top of the unit. It has a lot to offer, including it's chic look. The look is definitely something that appeals to a certain interior design and we think it would sit well in an industrial space. The white and green and the detail of the crown on the doors really make it stand out. The two drawers are perfect for keeping hold of all our bits and pieces that we need to keep. The cupboards are another excellent storage area. And to the side is an umbrella stand, making it a great hallway table with storage.

Renewed life

Taking older furniture and breathing new life into is something that is to be admired. Such as this old drawer unit. It has been turned into an incredible pice of hallway storage. With ample drawer space for all of our things, we think you would never run out of space. The large internal top shelf is simply brilliant, and the top table area is perfect too.


Once again we can see a little bit of renovation happening to an older and more vintage table. The curved shape on the legs of this table show how elegant it once was and it probably looked it too. Now it has been given a new lease of life by being repainted in a more modern way. It is much more industrial, but still holds onto that traditional shape. Perfect for a modern home that wants to mix the two looks. With the table holding anything you wish to display, it leaves two drawers which offer great additional storage.

Natural wood

This wood is lovely. Against a bare wall and light floor, it really gives of a glow of warmth. With the plants on top too, it just feels wonderful homely. Again, it has been made from reclaimed timbers and the finish is something a little playful. With six drawers to fill, your hallway will never look clustered. However you want to save space in your hallway, we feel we have given you some great options.

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