12 amazing bathrooms; one for each zodiac sign!

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We're not in any way saying that we think you should be decorating your homes in line with what your star sign says about you, but just for fun, don't you want to see if you like the spaces that zodiac characteristics say you should? We find this kind of thing utterly fascinating, especially in terms of functional rooms, which is why we are going to take a look at how your bathrooms should, apparently, look! We don't recommend going to your interior designer and asking for a star sign-appropriate home, but let's have a little fun now and see what you could enjoy, if you were a believer!

1. Leo.

Garden rooms "il bosco del cadelach" Daniele Menichini Architetti Modern hotels Ceramic Yellow
Daniele Menichini Architetti

Garden rooms il bosco del cadelach

Daniele Menichini Architetti

Bold, proud and not afraid to be a little boastful, a Leo bathroom will normally feature a bright accent colour and what could be better than gold-yellow? Leo's are the kings of the zodiac, after all!

2. Aries.

Pragmatic and stylish, Aries' people will naturally lean towards a more minimalist bathroom, so as to have less to clean and look after! You'll find a lot of white and maybe some metallics in a really well designed Aries bathroom.

3. Taurus.

Travertine bath in Michael Bay home in Los Angeles Pietre di Rapolano BathroomBathtubs & showers Marble Beige
Pietre di Rapolano

Travertine bath in Michael Bay home in Los Angeles

Pietre di Rapolano

Taurus' are always connected to nature and so too should their bathrooms be! Natural stone will play a major role, but a great view out into some greenery will also be key. we might be a little jealous over this shower!

4. Gemini.

Gemini naturally accounts for two halves making a whole, which is why a zodiac-appropriate bathroom will be a heady combination of white for cleanliness and brilliant colour, for fun. You'll see that everything blends perfectly!

5. Cancer.

A homely touch is key for anyone born under the sign of Cancer, which is why rugs, natural wood and plenty of soft towels will all take centre stage in their bathroom! You might even see an armchair too!

6. Scorpio.

Modern contemporary bathroom Tailored Living Interiors Modern bathroom
Tailored Living Interiors

Modern contemporary bathroom

Tailored Living Interiors

Contemporary, stylish and effortlessly elegant, that's Scorpio in a nutshell and we can't think of anything better than a magnificent monochrome bathroom to compliment these personality traits! Glass shower screens are a must as well!

7. Virgo.

Virgo's know that there's a place for everything and that everything should be in it's place, which is why their bathrooms have an underlying sense of order and calm. Grey hues and concrete; that's what we picture for them.

8. Libra.

Vintage touches will never be unappreciated in a Libra bathroom! So pretty and feminine, these decorative elements will always be balanced with practicality, so dual sinks and a large bath are guaranteed.

9. Sagittarius.

A naturally adventurous star sign, if anyone is bound to play around with ultra modern and unusual bathroom designs it will be a sagittarius! Concrete walls and maybe even black suite items come to mind!

10. Capricorn.

The star sign that starts every new year, Capricorn has an elegant and fresh outlook. So too will anyone born under this sign's bathroom! We think that luxurious marble works really well, alongside stunning light flow and views from the tub!

11. Aquarius.

Waves Pixers Modern bathroom



Aquarius is a sign that is often taken fairly literally, as water themes are common in bathrooms of people of this sign! If you don't want to be too on the nose with a wall mural featuring water, we think that a space that really showcases the bath, sink and shower will be perfect!

12. Pisces.

Organic, natural and soothing. This is everything a Pisces bathroom needs to be, which is why we think that a lot of wood, understated suite items and plants should all play a big role. A wooden shower tray insert, in particular, will work really well.

For more zodiac inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The perfect living room according to your star sign.

So...did you actually like the bathroom of your star sign here? Could there be more to this than we thought?

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