modern Living room by Martins Lucena Arquitetos

​4 apartments (with floor plans) that make the most of their small space

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Regardless of how big or small your abode is, its commitment to furnishings, décor and legroom should be in such a way that the end result is not only stylish and welcoming, but practical – after all, you’re the one who needs to live there on a day-to-day basis, right? 

For some inspiration when it comes to making smaller areas delightfully beautiful and functional, just look at these four superb examples…

Apartment 1

Our first example is your typical layout of a bachelor’s pad: one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open-plan layout which combines a kitchen, living room and dining area. 

And what was the secret behind this interior beauty? The way it makes use of soft neutral colours (check out those sandy wooden floors), minimal furnishings (can you believe the entire kitchen is basically just one wall?) and a touch of dazzle here and there (in the form of stainless steel finishes) to make the incoming natural light dance around.

Apartment 2

Our second example presents a more unique (if not difficult) layout, even though it is slightly bigger than the first. Yet even here the key to a smashing style is light colours, a handful of décor and the way in which the furniture items have been placed (take note of the sofa, which cleverly divides the living/TV room from the dining area).

Apartment 3

Another bigger layout for our third example (here we have two bedrooms), yet the same design principles apply. What can also be noted here is using glass inside the house (such as glass sliding doors) to effectively divide up different rooms, yet still leave a visual link. 

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Apartment 4

  by auno50 interiorismo
auno50 interiorismo

Planos calle Salamanca

auno50 interiorismo

We understand that even small homes deserve to flaunt striking looks, which is exactly why our last example makes expert use of striking materials with delicious textures (brick, concrete, etc.) to introduce some strong character. 

Just have a look at that kitchen – its sleek finishes and monochrome colour palette ensure that it becomes the focal point! 

modern Kitchen by auno50 interiorismo
auno50 interiorismo

Foto de la cocina

auno50 interiorismo

From inside to outside, let’s take a look at some Small balcony furniture.

Which decorating tips will you be using for your small home/room?
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