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When you start to sit down and make your family home plans, there are a number of rooms you must include, not to mention style features that are undeniably suitable for a space that will house a large number of people. Naturally you will want to cater for everyone, but remember that you will have a budget to remain within. With this in mind, make your family home plans and stick to them!

If you are looking for some inspiration as to what to include in your new family home, then look no further. Take a look at these examples and see if you have the inspiration you need to create your dream home!

Perfect playroom

If you have young children, you might like to think about including a fun and functional playroom into your family home plans. Perhaps a luxury, these rooms allow for toys to be stored away neatly and for children to know exactly where boisterous play is acceptable and where it isn't. We love this example from Roselind Wilson Design, featuring useful storage and fun display options, as well as a super cool indoor climbing wall that is perfect for amusing your cheeky monkeys. There are hours of fun to be had here, all within the safety of your family home.

Nursery niceness

If the exciting climbing wall playroom was not quite your style, how about something a little more traditional? This light, bright space is wonderful for encouraging quiet and considered play and thanks to the vast swathes of storage, children can learn the importance of tidying away. Family home plans will always need to take into account the youngest residents and a room such as this can be easily adapted as children grow, becoming a gaming room or perhaps a handy study for academically minded children. 

Family snug

Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Playroom Shape Architecture Modern nursery/kids room
Shape Architecture

Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Playroom

Shape Architecture

When considering your family home plans, be sure to include a family snug. In a smaller property, this will essentially be your living room, but in larger spaces, a family snug provides a valuable area for getting together as a family and relaxing, away from the more grown-up living room areas. As you can see, this room has a fun computer desk in situ so that those with homework can still be present, despite having things to complete. The large and colourful sofa is eclectic and inviting and we can picture family film nights being very enjoyable here. Pass the popcorn!

Grown-ups only

Family home plans don't only have to account for children, they can consider the adult parties too. This is a wonderful room that is clearly one for the grown ups only due to the expensive soft furnishings and open fire. Giving children spaces of their own is a valuable idea, but the same can also be said for some adult-only time. When the children have gone to bed, what could be better than settling down in a living room such as this for a well deserved drink and catch up with your partner? We love the use of luxe finishings, especially that dramatic and fabulous wallpaper!

Kitchen hangs

Kitchen design, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Classic style kitchen
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Kitchen design, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

The kitchen is, undoubtedly, the hub of any home and so must be given a lot of thought when finalising family home plans. Perfect for a myriad of tasks, not just eating together at the end of a day, the kitchen should be an inviting and relaxed area, just as it is in this lovely example. The table is the perfect setting for homework completion, while the bar stools offer older people the chance to sit and talk to whoever is cooking. The lack of overhead cupboards here means that everyone can access anything they want or need and adds a sense of autonomy and accessibility that is vital in a family home kitchen.

Quirky and fun

Dining homify Industrial style dining room



Imagine being a kid living in a house this cool! We love that use of open plan space to create a kitchen/living room space that encourages interaction and fun. Clearly, the family home plans for this space were really well thought out and designed specifically with every inhabitant in mind. The cantina style table and benches are fun as well as practical and the installation of a large, snuggly sofa mean that family gatherings will never be a burden or a necessary evil but something to look forward to and most likely paired with good food!

Conservatory cuddles

This fabulous space just screams of having been designed and built specifically with a large and close family in mind. Family home plans should always include multiple areas for convening and just spending time together and thanks to the demonstrable lack of television in this conservatory, family members will be able to just cosy up on that huge sofa and enjoy being together. We can imagine this being the perfect location for opening presents together on Christmas morning, with that stunning woodburner crackling away.

Bright space

We love the use of a conservatory here to bring light into the den, without actually being a separate room. This would be a wonderful inclusion into any family home plans and offers a dedicated space for relaxed socialising. The long bench style sofa is perfect for housing a full family and the natural stone flooring would act as a handy deterrent for leaving toys everywhere! The perfect movie night location, this family den offers much needed space, light and hugging potential!

Lovely and large

Think about a family bathroom and what is the primary concern? Space! For households of three or more people, a lot of thought needs to be given to areas that everyone will use, such as the kitchen and bathroom, so family home plans need be completed with this in mind. This space is fantastic, offering the right mix of style, space, functionality and storage to be an eminently practical installation for even the largest of families. The large wooden work top space will allow for everyone to brush their teeth together, while the inclusion of a bath as well as a shower ensures that everyone can get clean in comfort.

Splash of colour

Family bathrooms don't all need to be purely perfunctory; they can also be lots of fun, as this bright and colourful example demonstrates. Family home plans will always give a lot of focus to functional spaces, such as the bathroom, but don't be fooled in to thinking that you have to negate style or personality for practicality. This example is amazing and shows that any family can be perfectly serviced by a regular-sized space. The injection of a bright colour makes the room fun and inviting, while the use of subway tiles allows the grown ups to inject some style and flair into the 'smallest room' in the house.

For more home plans inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: House plans.

Have you found some family home inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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