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Wonderful walk in pantry design ideas

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Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen
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A walk in pantry is something that many of us imagine being part of our dream kitchen. Thankfully, there are many incarnations of the vast larder style rooms that we picture, meaning that more and more of us can enjoy the luxury of a creatively designed kitchen. 

Whether you are dreaming of floor to ceiling shelves chock-full of exotic ingredients or something a little more modest, take a look at these walk in pantry design ideas and see what could work in your home.

Barely there

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


The most fabulous thing about this walk in pantry design is that you could genuinely blink and miss it when the doors are closed. Cleverly masquerading as just another kitchen cupboard, this pantry is flush to the existing cabinets when closed, but when opened up, reveals a world of culinary potential. We really like the inclusion of drawers, which are always handy for containing runaway vegetables and fruit and by housing the microwave in here too, the kitchen itself can take on a far more minimalist theme. Practical, clever and subtle, this is one pantry design that anyone could make work for them.

Secret stash

The Cupboard Johnny Grey KitchenCabinets & shelves
Johnny Grey

The Cupboard

Johnny Grey

What could be better than having a fantastic kitchen with a slightly mysterious cupboard in situ? That cupboard opening up into an amazing walk in pantry design feature! Surrounded by your favourite ingredients, it would be impossible not to be inspired to whip up something amazing for friends or family that have stopped by unannounced. We love the curve of the doors and the wire cages that not only keep your condiments safe, but allows them to still be fully on show for easy access. Bon appetite!

Practical spaces

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design KitchenStorage
Lisa Melvin Design

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet

Lisa Melvin Design

If you find yourself at the mercy of a kitchen that won't quite allow for a separate walk in pantry design, why not consider utilising existing cupboards to create the same kind of effect? Deceptively simple on first glance, this cupboard is the perfect secret walk in pantry, allowing for everything to be in front of your nose and at your fingertips the second you open a drawer or door. This example shows the potential for an exquisite drinks cabinet, but imagine condiments where the glassware is, fresh ingredients in the cupboard and frozen in the drawer. A one stop shop for all your cooking needs!

Hide and seek

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home


When is a pantry not a pantry? When it is pretending to be a standard cupboard! You may be sensing a theme now and that is: clever usage of existing space. A traditional walk in pantry design would entail a totally separate room that is entirely in existence to house ingredients and cookware, but times are changing and as families grow, space becomes something of a commodity and where a larder may have once been, there is most likely a second bathroom or cloakroom. With this in mind, hidden walk in pantry designs, such as this one, are fantastic and allow for the storage you need, without encroaching on the space that you need more.

Tastefully traditional

Traditional larder Cupboard Hallwood Furniture Classic style kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Traditional larder Cupboard

Hallwood Furniture

This must be the tardis of the walk in pantry design world! With cupboard space, drawers, wine boxes and vegetable baskets all at play, this is a larder, from Hallwood Furniture, for all tastes and needs! What's more, with the pretty pastel green paint, which could pass for shabby chic or even French country in style, practicality has never looked so beautiful. Naturally, you would be able to tailor your version to suit the items that you buy most regularly, but we love the idea of filling all the cubby holes with delicious treats!

Different direction

Dixon Modular Storage Dare Studio Living roomShelves
Dare Studio

Dixon Modular Storage

Dare Studio

If you are fortunate enough to have enough space to accommodate a separate walk in pantry design, we encourage you to think a little outside the box when it comes to storage design and decoration! This fabulous shelving and drawer unit would be at home in any hallway, bedroom or living room, but imagine how incredible it could look as the main storage solution in a walk in pantry! Canned goods on the shelves, veggies and bread in the drawers and wine in the top boxes, we could go on, but you no doubt see what we do; an opportunity to bring cutting edge, beautiful design into literally every room of your home.

Rack 'em up

If a bold storage statement is not for you, how about something a little more simple and pared back, such as a wall of racking? A little more industrial in its inspiration, racking is not only practical, as it offers maximum use of available space, it also allows for the items themselves to really take centre stage. In the case of real foodies, beautiful packaging and mason jars filled with exotic ingredients can be displayed simply and elegantly, allowing for them to be easy to locate in a pinch.

Built-in beauty

What a fabulous walk in pantry design, especially for a home that favours more traditional or old-fashioned decorating! The storage possibilities here are endless, but open up all those doors and drawers and you will be able to step into a world of foodie heaven! Perfect for inclusion into a kitchen or dining room space, a pantry design such as this is infinitely flexible, being built to fit a designated area and with specific needs in mind. For those that enjoy wine, a rack could easily be incorporated or for veggie fans, large baskets for storing fresh produce would look perfectly at home too.

Fancy foodies

If the idea of built in and unmovable storage does not appeal to you, perhaps your walk in pantry design could take advantage of something altogether more flexible, such as this fabulous dresser. Used here as a display item, we could imagine that the shelves would be perfect for displaying condiments, spices and canned goods, while the cupboards could be perfect for housing bread and other time-sensitive consumables. There is no prescribed method for creating a walk in pantry, so identify your needs and tastes and think outside the box to create something that is perfect for you.

Small space

Painted kitchen Clachan Wood KitchenCabinets & shelves
Clachan Wood

Painted kitchen

Clachan Wood

If you have extremely limited space but still want the benefits of a walk in pantry design, why not try something more along the lines of a 'walk up to' pantry design? These open-fronted shelves make for an ideal substitute for larger food storage solutions, but still keep all your ingredients in plain view and within easy reach. Practicality does not have to be synonymous with large spaces, it is all about using the space you have available in the most clever way possible and we love this example for showing just what can be achieved with a little imagination.

For more perfect pantries, take a look at this ideabook: Pantry cupboard.

Are you keen to include a pantry in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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