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Wood cabinet doors you'll want

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The Stiffkey Blue Kitchen NAKED Kitchens Country style kitchen
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When designing your dream kitchen, one aspect that you will no doubt give a lot of thought to is the cabinets. You need them to be practical and give you the storage that you need, but you also want them to have an undeniable aesthetic appeal, which is why you will start to think about what finish and style to opt for. 

Whether you favour a classic, modern, country or shabby chic style preference, wood cabinet doors bring a touch of natural elegance and a homely vibe to any kitchen space, so take a look at these examples and be prepared to be amazed at the possibilities on offer!

Effortless elegance

Denver Street Lot 7 Uptic Studios Modern kitchen
Uptic Studios

Denver Street Lot 7

Uptic Studios

There is no denying that this is one beautiful and cohesive space, with every design element complimenting the next, but what really stands out against the neutral tones of the soft furnishings is the stunning inclusion of wood cabinet doors. A fantastic colour match with the natural wood of the window frames, the kitchen cupboards are so understated that they instantly take on a level of chic that is hard to rival. Adding to a palette of barely there tones, the cabinet doors are timeless and a really eye catching installation.

Bold blue

Stiffkey Blue Bespoke Kitchen NAKED Kitchens Country style kitchen
NAKED Kitchens

Stiffkey Blue Bespoke Kitchen

NAKED Kitchens

When wood cabinet doors look this stunning, it's hard to imagine considering anything else as a finishing touch to your new kitchen! While most people may consider adding a splash of colour to a kitchen space with paint or tiles on the walls, we love the alternative of making the cabinets themselves the brightest feature of the room. When paired with a sympathetic worktop, the effect is dramatic but beautiful and in this example, we love how the classic AGA pairs with the bold blue to create a modern space that harks back to a more traditional time. What a combination!

Gorgeous galley

For a relatively small space, there is a lot going on in this example, but it all works wonderfully together. The neutral tones of the heavily patterned floor and wall tiles tie in perfectly with the warm and rich tones of the wood cabinet doors, but these are no ordinary cabinets. As is very much the fashion right now, traditional cupboards have been replaced with deep drawers, allowing for easy storage of cookware and crockery. The tone of the wood being used here brings nothing but warmth and depth to the room and prevents the monolithic black fridge from totally overpowering the overall theme.

Awesome ash

There is something undeniably high end about ash-tone wood cabinet doors. Perhaps it is just that it's still a little rarer than standard oak or cherry finishes, but whatever the reason, we love the subtle grey flecks in the cupboard doors shown here by ИНТЕРИВ. Perfectly mirroring the cool tones being employed everywhere else in the room, the cabinets look absolutely perfect and with the help of those stylish and minimal handles, help to contribute to a starkly modern appearance. 

Wood on wood

A material such as wood is so versatile and easy to style that having two different styles together in one space does not need to look jarring, in fact, it can look gorgeous, as seen here. The rustic worktop, in a natural wood, is totally mirrored by the chunky dining table and then, slap bang underneath the counter is more wood, this time finished with a router and painted white. The wood cabinet doors look lovely, thanks to the slotted design and paint finish and by adding natural knobs, look perfectly at home accompanied by the more pared back worktop. Who says you can have too much of a good thing?

Rugged and rustic

Wood cabinet doors don't always have to be perfectly finished, planed and given a lick of paint, they can speak for themselves and showcase a natural and rustic charm. We absolutely love the simplicity of this cabinet, which offers all the requisite storage that it should without getting overshadowed by a fancy finish. The rubbed back appearance allows the natural grain and imperfections of the wood to shine though and the piece as a whole looks phenomenal against the pale grey wall and adjacent to the cream subway tiles. This really is laid back design at its best.

Firm favourite

A long standing tradition in kitchen design is country style, whereby cupboard doors are beautifully finished with a router to create the instantly recognisable inset pattern with the subtle arch at the top. A classic design, it can look beautiful in any kitchen, but we really like the way it has been used in this example to add to a really homely space. Undoubtedly the hub of the house, this kitchen is welcoming, relaxed and a little nostalgic, thanks to the use of wood cabinet doors, neutral tones and plenty of natural materials. In fact, we can almost smell the stew and dumplings from here!

Simple chic

Remodelled kitchen in double-fronted Dulwich house Circumflex Chartered Architects Modern kitchen
Circumflex Chartered Architects

Remodelled kitchen in double-fronted Dulwich house

Circumflex Chartered Architects

Wood is so malleable that even if you don't want to showcase its natural properties, tones and hues, it is still a sought after material for building kitchen cabinets from. Hardy, easy to repair and quick to take on any design style, wood can be as natural or perfectly finished as you want it to be. Here we see wood cabinet doors that have been given a perfect finishing treatment, meaning that they have been painted and installed to blend into the rest of the kitchen and not be a standalone feature. In this instance, the natural wood worktop and stripped back floors are being given the spotlight, with the cupboards being a purely perfunctory installation rather than a decorative one.

Creative camouflage

We love this example of clever kitchen camouflage that makes it difficult to distinguish between the wood of the floor and the wood cabinet doors! Creating something of an optical illusion, the wood here is a key style component and has been taken into consideration at every stage of decoration. By pairing naturally warm wood tones with stark white, this space has taken on a chic appearance that is being further supported by keeping the counter tops relatively clear and minimal. The use of wooden strips is also making the space seem longer; a clever technique that we always notice and appreciate.

Mix and match

Old and new can combine perfectly, when done well and this example shows just how fantastic the end result can be. The modern wood cabinet doors of the built-in units have been kept simple and clean in order to offer a quiet contrast to the unique island installation that showcases antique wood cabinet doors. As different as the two styles are, by keeping the colours similar and including old-fashioned detailing elsewhere, such as the AGA and butler sink, the overall effect is one that works. Old and new, traditional and modern; they can work well together if the materials are kept simple.

For more cabinet inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: 8 country style sideboards and cabinets.

Are you a fan of natural materials? Let us know in the comments!

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