18 Ways for Storing Your Furnishings in Small Homes

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Not enough room? Who hasn’t had that problem, whether it’s a bathroomliving room or hallway that presents issues with inadequate legroom for furnishings, a too-small layout for storage, etc. 

Of course the problem is enhanced when living in a small house, which automatically means every room inside that house is also smaller!

Well, relax – these 18 secret tips are sure to help you find quite a few new ways to conjure up some legroom, add visual spaciousness, and just enjoy a more practical lifestyle around your home. You just have to know where to look…

1. A built-in bench that helps with storage and seating.

2. Double-duty furnishings means every bit of furniture can help hide a few clutter elements.

3. How about this modern little desk/office that folds up when not in use?

4. The right room dividers can also be used as storage compartments.

5. An office desk with built-in drawers for easy storage? Brilliant!

6. Who knew a modern little coffee table could function as a working desk?

7. Fold-up beds have been around for quite a while, and with good reason.

8. If you can’t go sideways, how about going up?

9. How much ‘dead space’ is currently right under your ceiling?

10. Mirrors might not provide storage, but they sure do add visual spaciousness.

11. A bed-headboard-shelf-wardrobe design all in one!

12. Even bicycles can neatly be stored out of the way (and off the floor) with the right elements.

13. Don’t forget that sliding doors take up less legroom than swinging ones – and when left open, can effectively make up an open-plan layout.

14. A soft, neutral colour palette is quite superb at making a small space look and feel bigger.

15. A dining table that literally slides out of the way when not in use.

16. These clever corner drawers definitely make the best of every last bit of centimetre.

Harbourside kitchen, Tim Jasper Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

17. A wall is not only for backsplashes and wall art, you know?

18. Extreme cases call for extreme solutions, like this kitchen hidden behind a stylish closet door.

To gather up some more legroom, you should Throw these things out your home right NOW!

Which of these tips will you be using back home?

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