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Maurizio Giovannoni Studio Scandinavian style living room
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The norm for the walls in our home is smooth surfaces with a single colour. However, norms are meant to be broken and walls can take a more meaningful role in our home's décor. They are a canvas awaiting our creativity and ingenuity to be unleashed and create a unique spectacle that it is in tune with our persona.

To help you change their appearance we will focus on bold and original wall designs. Whether stripes, circles, original colours or designs, your walls can transform your interior!

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Dark colours

The easiest way to shift your walls away from the norm is with a coat of paint. However, to make it distinguished and modern, the choice of colour is key. Analyse the decorative style of your home and measure the dimensions in order determine your best colour options.  

You can be adventurous and daring by coating your walls with dark shades. The sober hues will give more depth to the space and, depending on the colour accents of your furnishings and decorative elements, you can create striking contrasts.

It helps to know that black can be easily combined with any colour so your combinations are practically limitless. Take the image above, for example. The black walls denote a modern look that creates a unique and fantastic contrast with the white design of the stairs and furniture.


Dark tones can be combined with any colour hue. Therefore, if you decide to opt for black on the walls you can contrast it with vibrant colours that make up the home's décor. For example, the shelves, sofa or even the floor can be bright coloured to create an original and modern aesthetic.

Sumptuous stripes

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum) Granorte Walls & flooringWall & floor coverings

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum)


With original designs on the walls you can also change perspective to achieve more ambience in small rooms. Painting a room with vertical lines can accentuate the height of your walls, thus meaning it's a great solution for rooms with low ceilings.  

To work with stripes you should first determine the width of the stripes you'd like to use and also what their colour will be. It’s best if you paint lines of different thickness to emphasise the colour you want to prevail in the space. In order to paint your walls with stripes you’ll need good quality tape.

It will help if you mark the lines to provide a guide and avoid making unpleasant mistakes. Start painting with smooth movements and, if necessary, add a second coat of paint to reinforce the colours. Wait for a minimum of 36 hours before removing the tape and you are ready to go!

Dotty for spotty

U2 Walls & flooringWallpaper

Using paint designs on the wall continues to be a popular choice in modern homes. 

Besides stripes, you can paint your walls with circles, which is a geometrical pattern that will give a nice retro touch to your rooms.  For this design choose two different paint colours, one of which with be the base and the other the circles. 

To paint perfect circles you’ll need templates, which are widely available in DIY or department stores. Of course, you can also create your own with cardboard, using a compass to create spherical shapes and scissors to cut out the shapes. You’ll also need a double sided tape and a small brush.  

First paint the base colour and leave to dry for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight. Next, lightly attach the circle templates onto the wall with the double-sided tape (careful you don’t damage the primer) and ensure sure they can’t move. With the small brush paint the circle, moving from the outside in, avoid taking care to avoid painting outside the template.

As you can see from the pictured living room by U2, the end result can be fabulous!

Artistic wall

Creating an artistic wall will heavily depend on your skills as an artist and the style you want to impart. However, even if you aren't a rival to Picasso, you can still create very interesting designs, especially if you can paint a replica of a landscape and create something unique!

Unlike circles and stripes, it is not necessary to use templates as guides to achieve perfect geometry as measurements can take more abstract form.

Consider the wall art above, by Studio Giovannoni & Design. The idea of nature on the wall invokes a fresh and youthful feel in the room, reinforcing a mood of harmony and relaxation.

Be smart with accessories

In the image above, J. Design have coated the walls with abstract wallpaper that is itself a work of art. Accessorising the wall with a mirror adds a greater sense of spaciousness, while the reflective surface provides an extra element of decorative interest.

Accessories are important for your walls as they personalise the room, relieving boredom and design monotony. While the abstract wallpaper gives unique personality to the corridor, the stylish mirror contributes lightness.

Small illustrations

As we have shown, geometrical shapes and abstract art can create a unique design. Another very simple way to achieve an impactful effect is with vinyl illustrations.

Their versatility means they can be placed on a large walls or corners but the best part about them is that they can be removed at will, without damaging the paint!

Chispum, shown above, offer a positive message with their vinyl illustration, which livens up the surrounding classical mouldings.

For more inspiration, check out these: Trendy Wall Ideas You Can Copy!

What unique designs have you created on your walls? Let us know in the comments!

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