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​Kitchen trends for 2018

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Contemporary kitchen, Essex Paul Langston Interiors Modern kitchen Grey
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Like all things in life, kitchens are constantly changing, and we don’t just mean style-wise. And why shouldn’t they, considering that they used to be purely working spaces, yet are now classified as one of the main socialising zones of the house? 

So, don’t get left behind. See what will be considered “hot” for the modern kitchen in 2018…

10. Comfortable furniture

Contemporary kitchen diner in Essex residence Paul Langston Interiors Modern kitchen Grey
Paul Langston Interiors

Contemporary kitchen diner in Essex residence

Paul Langston Interiors

It’s not only about the living room anymore, for kitchens will become more and more ‘liveable’, with super comfortable chairs and elegant tables styling up more and more culinary spaces around the world. The reason? The kitchen is becoming more of a ‘living’ space than an actual ‘cooking’ one, so why wouldn’t we want to sit in comfort while socialising with friends and family? 

To help gear you up for 2018, let’s check out these Eco friendly kitchens.

1. Smart gadgets

Technology is becoming bigger and bigger in the cooking space; thus, expect even more high-tech functionality for next year’s kitchens in terms of countertops charging electronic devices, controlling lighting via your smartphone, etc.

2. Lighting

Lighting has always been important, but even more emphasis will be placed on your kitchen’s lighting in 2018. Get ready for high-class layered lighting shining from lit-up shelves, downlighters, ceiling pendants, etc. 

Don’t overlook these Energy efficient track lighting ideas.

3. Surfaces with seating

The time of islands, peninsulas and breakfasts bars is far from over, considering that these surfaces (and their appropriate seating) will continue to ride the trend wave in 2018. It’s all about functionality and practicality!

4. Going green

Artificial Plants Wall For Kitchen Landscape Sunwing Industrial Co., Ltd. KitchenAccessories & textiles Plastic Green
Sunwing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Artificial Plants Wall For Kitchen Landscape

Sunwing Industrial Co., Ltd.

We don’t just mean lessening your carbon footprint, but literally adding greens into your kitchen for 2018. And don’t think you can escape with just a boring little potted plant in the corner!

5. More industrial style

The urban/industrial design is going big for next year, especially with striking pairings like stainless steel and energetic hues (like this cheery yellow).

But don’t discount the importance of sustainable designs, as brains are just as important as beauty!

6. Neutral colours

Get ready to help spread the light around via those neutral hues!

8. Decorative tiles

People are finally realising the design potential with tiles, and we’ll be seeing a lot more Mediterranean-style beauties cladding up backsplashes, island fronts, floors, and even entire walls in 2018.

9. Showing off

Mr and Mrs Work Hard and Play Hard homify Scandinavian style kitchen

Mr and Mrs Work Hard and Play Hard


Although it’s true that you need to hide most of your kitchen goodies behind closed cupboard doors (you don’t want your kitchen to appear cluttered), you also need to invest in a few open shelves for next year. The reason? Like bistros and coffee shops are doing, you’re going to be flaunting your collection of spices, cookbooks, crockery, coffee brands, etc. for all to see!

Just don’t go overboard.

7. Bright surfaces

In addition to opting for white (and off-white, beige, grey, etc.) surfaces in 2018, a bit of shine is also in order via dazzling finishes, whether that be stainless steel, glass, mirror or something else to make a kitchen seem more visually spacious.

Which kitchen trend are you most excited about?
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