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Monica Guerra Arquitetura e Interiores Modern houses
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This gorgeous 400-square meter home has been designed by Monica Guerra Arquitectura. While it has simplicity written all over it, modern elements used right around the façade of the house give it a unique and spectacular look. By using a variety of textures and elements which have been in existence for a while and combined them with several modern looks, the designer has created a cohesive and seamless design. You can seldom find a home that mixes both styles so effectively and beautifully.

A beautiful first look

In order to increase the volume of the space visually, the designer has chosen to work with a variety of elements such as wood, iron, and marble. The garage which is capable of holding more than a couple of cars is well-hidden from the outside view. The use of glass everywhere is anattempt to bring in the natural light as much as possible. The wood beams along with athin strip of iron create a wonderful contrast.

Modern Balcony

The balcony is bordered with an interesting use of tempered glass as a skirting. This gives the impression of endless space on the balcony. The long beams that have been used to extend the coverage of the garage are in continuation of the theme you see all around the home. The main doors have a unique pattern which makes it stand out from the various elements seen on the exterior.

Modern Kitchen

The use of modern design in the kitchen is always preferable as it makes working in and around the space that much more convenient. The bright patterned wall makes it an interesting space while the wooden counters act as a working space and serve as a table as well.

Bright Living Room

This trendy sitting room is bright and can rightly be termed as the nerve center of the house. Not only does it connect to every part of the house but the natural light streaming in makes it a wonderful place to relax. The lovely granite floors add to its charm.

Two-fold Functional Kitchen

The kitchen has been split into two areas for functionality. Not only is it an interesting design but is convenient when you would love to have an informal meal in the outdoors. This has been made a functional space, thanks to the wash-basin along with a dishwasher as well.

Rustic Bathroom

Using a traditional and rustic style, the counter top looks wonderful as it has an almost distressed wooden look. At the same time, you have the brown shell mosaic to complement and contrast it. This is a perfect combination of modern and traditional to create the perfect symmetry.For even more gorgeous ideas, take a look at this Ideabook-8 practical ideas that will add value to your kitchen

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