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Top 5 Projects of the Week: The Home with a Heart-Stopping Interior to Having a Fantastic Year-Long Garden

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We hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday with your feet up and a nice cup of tea close to hand. What else could you need? Well, hopefully it's our homify Top 5 Projects of the Week! Our weekly look back at the best articles as judged by our wonderful readers.

Three of our Top 5 this week are 360 tours; two British, including a frankly unbelievable barn conversion, and another from Germany. We'll also take a second look at advice for having a more clean and organised home, as well as creating a garden that will look great all twelve months of the year.

Enjoy the projects and don’t forget to let us know which was your favourite in the comments!

1. The Home with a Heart-Stopping Interior

There are occasions when we come across houses that really blow us away and we mean REALLY. They are just the perfect combination of finishing touches, inspired design and functionality and we find ourselves stopped dead in our tracks as we look at them. This is one such house, which probably explains why it's our heavyweight homify champ of the week.

From the outside, this is a beautiful home, with gothic touches that add just the right amount of drama to instil a natural curiosity to see more and thank goodness they do! As we walk inside, the eclectic, stylish and stunning design scheme comes to life and totally shatters all expectations that the exterior might conjure.

If you missed this home the first time around it's definitely worth your time now.

2. A Home Whose Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Our second most popular article of the last seven days was a 360 tour of this beautiful home in northern Germany.

All-white colour schemes are always well featured here on homify, with the design trend continuing to grow in popularity into 2016. When used correctly, white can enhance any form of architecture, décor style or room. Architects often use a shade of white to give their project a strong architectural presence or, on the other hand, they can emphasise subtleties of form and shadow within an unassuming space.

Even though it may seem like a simple or obvious interior design trend, there is much to learn and be inspired by this type of scheme. We believe that the best form of learning is from the best so we hosted this stunning renovation project where white is featured throughout and it went down very well!

3. To the Dream Manor Born

Taking home a bronze is this simply breath-taking barn.

Barn conversions are fast becoming one of the most popular home project incarnations in the UK and when you see what can be achieved, there is little wonder! A great way to access large volumes of space, with open plan living being a natural choice, these incredible developments are never far from our minds when we need a little inspiration. 

The team behind this particular project acknowledge it as, A sensitive conservation project in which the exterior of a 17th Century Grade II listed barn was restored and its interior transformed into a state-of-the art contemporary dwelling.

We couldn't agree more. The interior really is something that needs to be seen to be fully understood, appreciated and believed!

4. The Secrets of a Clean and Organised Home

HOTEL CAL REIET – GUEST HOUSES Bloomint design Mediterranean style living room
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Generating the fourth most clicks this week was our advice on keeping our homes clean and organised, which can be an uphill battle at the best of times. This is multiplied around the holiday period. With the turn of the New Year rapidly disappearing out of sight in the calendar’s rear view mirror, many of us are still suffering the effects of hosting friends and family for extended periods.

So, despite February being almost upon us, we’re still repeating the mantra, New Year, clean house! There are few better ways to help you restore a sense of balance and control in your life than by starting with your home. By cleaning and organising your home or flat you’ll also, perhaps without even realising it, clean away memories you’d rather forget and wipe away feelings you’d rather leave behind. Now the festivities are well and truly over, it’s time to time to roll up our sleeves, get to work and reclaim our home as the peaceful sanctuary we crave!

5. How You Can Have a Fantastic Year-Long Garden

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Modern garden

RHS Cardiff 2015


Completing our famous five is our guide to having a great garden all year.

The garden is the crowing jewel of most homes and gardening can be a meditative exercise, causing us to be delighted when we see our hard work blossom.

However, a beautiful garden requires thorough planning. You will need to know whether the plants you intend to grow are annual, perennial or evergreen. You will also need to know if the plants you wish to have are suitable for the climate. Planning and research are key for a fantastic garden and hopefully our guide gave you a friendly shove in the right direction.

We’ll return again, same time next week. Hope to see you here!

What was your favourite article this week? Let us know in the comments!

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