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Track lights are a new, modern lighting technique that adds great style into any room. Track lights can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, really they can be integrated into any room to add a chic modern design element. Track lights can look industrial, eclectic, elegant and more. Whatever scheme is desired in a room, track lights can help achieve the design goal. These 10 track lights are fresh, modern and have high design impact and will inspire anyone thinking of adding track lights to a special room. 

Black spotlight

These track lights are super eye catching with their modern industrial design. The track lights are set on a thick black track. The lights themselves are short and made also from the same black metal. They face the kitchen counter, illuminating the space. The black colour of the track lights matches with the black counters, which provides great continuity in the space without looking too matchy matchy. Instead, these black track lights are bold and stylish, adding much design value to the kitchen.

Minimalist tracking

Silver, sleek and minimalist, these track lights are perfect for a subtle yet creative lighting. The track lights are in a modern minimalist living room, and go well with this theme. The track is a thin, silver material and the lights are small, round silver cans. The tracking takes up the entire ceiling length, however the designer chose to have a break in the tracking for the door space. The sleek style of the track lights go well with the sleek furniture of the living room.

Hanging lights

These track lights are a cool centerpiece above this dinging room table that adds much character to the space. The track is thin silver, barely there, quite minimalist in itself. The lights hang really low on a thin, silver string. The lights are small black lamps, highlighting the table. As the lights hang low at eye level, three track lights become a focal point of the dining room area. They stand out and make the space more unique and special, all while providing great light. Guests will surely be transfixed on these cool hanging track lights.

Modern elegance

Looking for inspirational lighting for an elegant room with sleek design? No need to look any further. These track lights merge modern style with elegance to create a look that makes the entire kitchen look high end. The tracking is a dark, thick panel. Four lights hang from this panel, attached by a thin, sleek wire. The lights themselves are enclosed in a good sized cylinder. The lights shine through the cylinder, illuminating the space and drawing ones attention to the lights. The lights hang relatively low, so become a grand statement piece above the table. The track lights complete the look of this modern and elegant kitchen.

Tiny and curved

These track lights are a nice, subtle surprise of design in this kitchen. The track is a cool silver piece of metal that is  curved, creating a very unique and modern design. The lights turn are attached to the tracking, in cone shaped silver frames. The lights are small and short, hanging close to the track. The track lights are fixated above the kitchen table, in the center of the room. This brings attention to the area and highlights the table. The track lights add eclectic, modern style to this kitchen. The curved aspect of the track is a nice touch of personality.

Slanted lighting

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern kitchen
The Bazeley Partnership

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

This kitchen is ultra sleek, minimalist and clean with its sharp lines and the track lights do not disappoint. The lights are placed on a slanted wall, above two windows. This is a cool placement choice, as there is natural light and artificial light coming from the same area, both playing with each other to bring in optimal, grand light into the space. The tracking is  a thin metal, and there are five small lights that are attached. The lights hold close to the tracking and highlight the kitchen table area. Placing them on the slanted wall crested a more attention grabbing setting, overall bringing much light and style into the area.

Hanging bulbs

The Sea House, Porth, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern dining room
The Bazeley Partnership

The Sea House, Porth, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

These track lights have a cool design to them and become a great centerpiece for this dining area. The track is a thick silver. Several lights hang from it, all hanging from a thin silver piece of metal. The lights themselves are what make this track light truly unique. They are large, round bulbs with no casing. This looks super sleek and modern, creating a hip, fun space in this dining room.

Long track

This thin, long track goes from one side of the dining room wall to the other. It is grand in size and in style, as it brings much character into the room. There are a few lights that hang from the tracking, with much space between each one. This creates an interesting effect, and spreads out the lighting. The lights are small bulbs that hang a short distance from the tracking. Overall, this long track provides much light for this entire room and adds a really cool element of design into the space. 

Eclectic design

These track lights add a great eclectic styling element to this kitchen space. The track is a short silver piece, with several lights hanging from it. The lights have a long, silver, cone shaped piece hanging from the wire, which is then surrounded by the glass of the light bulb, also a unique cone shape. The end result is a very interesting piece that not only provides great light but also is high in style.

Double tracks

The use of double track lights in this room makes the space look really bright and stylish. The track lights are industrial in style and are a black colour, which looks hip and modern. The two rows of track lights each face their respective wall, highlighting art work, books and the like. The track lights become a grand piece in the room as they really are the first thing that is noticeable in the room. Overall, these hip track lights add much modern style, personality  and uniqueness into this living room.

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