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Easy ways to improve a small courtyard

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Would you like to restore a youthful look to your courtyard? Well, in this article we will give you simple tips that will breathe new life into your exterior space.

There are easy ways to renovate and revamp your courtyard into a welcoming and sophisticated area. In essence, there are four key facets that you must incorporate to create a pleasant atmosphere: cheerful colours, furniture, plants and lighting.

The most important thing to remember though is that the courtyard is a place of relaxation. Therefore, any decorative element must be in tune with its innate function and help enhance its surroundings.

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Dare to colour

Colours play a significant role when trying to create an attractive exterior décor. If your goal is also to instil a sense of sophistication it's also important to match the colour of the furniture with the other decorative elements. Warm colours that are not too garish are always a safe choice.

Take for example the courtyard, above, where dark grey is combined with lavish red. Contemporary flower pots appear in various shades of grey and red, whereas a dining table has been selected in a brighter red hue that brings a refined chic to the space. The courtyard retains a relaxed ambience by subtely combining bright and sober accents.

The furniture

Furniture is another important element of a nice courtyard.

For smaller courtyards it's wise to favour simple and minimalist furniture, so consider folding chairs and stools. To counter their simple appearance use brightly coloured chairs and accessorise with bold cushions.

The bigger your space the greater number of options you have. If you're lucky enough to have a cover over your exterior space, you can install a fixed seating area, which can be designed with comfort and multi-functionality in mind.

Taking a cue from the image shown, the floor is decked with wood that combines wonderfully with the timber benches. The benches also act as storage boxes, which is especially useful in smaller courtyards. The orange pillows agree with the beige cushions, creating a very modern and pleasant space.

Creatively arranged plants

There are a few things more helpful in creating an attractive exterior than plants.

Small courtyards work best with potted plants that can be better organised in limited space and require minimal maintenance.  Of course, the size of the pots will correspond to the size of your yard. 

There are a lot of ways to arrange pots and create a beautiful exterior décor. For example, you can repurpose old pallets and attach pots to them. Or you can use reclaimed wood to create panels on the walls that can foster plant life.

In spacious courtyards it's great to use hanging baskets, which can be especially effective when suspended from the branches of trees.

Enhance the space

You can obviously use any decorative accessories to personalise and enhance the space. Hammocks, for example, are great for relaxation and can contribute to the colour of your courtyard. Rugs are also a small investment that can make a aesthetic contribution.

Let your imagination loose and don’t be limited by conventional ideas on furnishing and décor. Combine different styles, from classical to ultra-modern, and enjoy the results.


The trellis is a particularly popular courtyard addition due to their stylish appeal, ability to adapt to any decorative style and, most significantly, their multi-functionality.

A trellis can foster creeping plants, lighting fixtures or even drapes. In the image shown above, for example, the structure creates the feeling of an outdoors living room, which would be perfect for lazy afternoons in the summer sunshine!

Don't forget the lights!

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The last piece of the puzzle for a wonderful courtyard is lighting.

You’ll need to support daylight with artificial light and there are myriad lighting fixtures you can use to dazzle your guests during a social evening in your courtyard. 

In the example above, small bright cubes serve the double function of furniture and stylish illumination for the space. Their modern form and resplendent white light would definitely brighten any evening event! Of course, you can opt for a more sober and refined choice, such as floor lamps.

If you are worried about energy efficiency then solar-powered lights are a sensible and cost-effective options and for something a little unusual, you could use candles suspended in paper bags.

For more inspiration, enjoy: Small Gardens And Courtyards: 7 Charming Ideas.

Will you be using any of these ideas to improve your courtyard? Do you have any other good ideas we missed? Let us know!

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