8 tricks to make your home look modern

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Ideally, with changing times, you should give your home makeovers that make it modern and inviting. But it’s not always easy to get started. Whether it is your living room, bedroom or kitchen, a modern and refreshing look can impress guests as well as loved ones. So here are some exciting ideas to bring about a contemporary vibe in your house. Check out and be inspired!

1. Bench-like bar in the kitchen

An open kitchen is very much in vogue nowadays, as it gives an enhanced impression of space. And if you can add a bench-like bar to the kitchen as shown here, there’s nothing like it. This kind of furniture can be multipurpose and come in very handy when you wish to enjoy a drink, have a quick breakfast or chat with the chef while he or she is cooking.

2. Say yes to natural light

Lots of natural light can make any room look bright, cheerful and inviting. And this is what happens with this ultramodern living room rendered by the architects at Fadd Architects. Bright walls and a cream sofa further enhance the bright and spacious feel.

3. Invite grey in the bedroom

A grey and white colour palette can work wonders for even a small bedroom. The room will look cool but sensual, and will be full of character.

4. Textured surfaces for bathroom

Textured walls like the ones in this bathroom can work like magic for your bathroom too. These can lend visual depth and contrast smooth and glossy cabinets and counters.

5. Beauty of open spaces

The lack of unnecessary interior walls can go a long way to make your home modern, bright and airy. This kind of spatial planning also makes communication and movement easier.

6. Elegant entrance

It is essential to make your entrance impressive and chic. It is after all the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home. Soft neutrals, ample but gentle lighting, and cosy flooring can make a world of difference hence. Stylish sconce lights and beautiful vases or paintings can add to the appeal too.

7. Bold combination

If you are adventurous enough, then play around with bold colours and different elements for a refreshing and very contemporary look. This beautiful bedroom for instance combines rustic with modern with vintage styles for a unique yet harmonious atmosphere.

8. Play with lights

Get rid of your old chandelier and bring in some funky and sleek pendant lamps for a modern look. The space will look interesting and very fresh.

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