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Treasure islands for your kitchen

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Have you ever seen a large and beautiful kitchen that didn't feature an island in it? It seems to be the case that more and more homes are looking to include one in their food preparation area, yet they are still considered to be something of a luxury addition, but there is something for every budget!

With a seemingly endless selection of styles available, kitchen islands are fast becoming the must-have item for every kitchen, so we thought we would take a look at what styles and materials are widely available. Even if you've never been that fussed about them before, we think you'll start planning a kitchen revamp after this!

Deluxe materials

We like to start every article with a bang and let's be honest; this is one amazing example of how great kitchen islands can look! Did Superman carve this out with his laser vision? It looks like it!

We know this is an excessive incarnation, as the island has basically become the entire worktop, complete with two sinks and a serving hatch, but you can't deny that if you had the space, something like this would be a lot of fun! The chunky granite pieces make a dramatic and almost gothic impression that works perfectly in this rustic space. Thank you Werkhaus GmbH & Co., this is amazing!

Perfectly lit

If big and chunky isn't your thing, or you have a smaller space to account for, why not give some thought to something a little more modest, but no less dramatic? We think some fun lighting options could be exactly what you need to start looking at kitchen islands a little differently!

You don't have to opt for blue neons, although if you're into sporty cars this might be ideal for you, but adding some strip lights under the overhang of an island is a simple and inexpensive way to revamp a kitchen space and make your central feature a little more exciting!

Classic styling

If you're sat reading this article thinking that you have a very classically styled home, which might not be right for a seemingly modern addition, we are here to tell you what poppycock that is! That's right, poppycock!

Classic kitchens are the perfect location for more simply styled kitchen islands and we think this one is an absolute stunner. Totally matched to the kitchen units and worktop, this marvel in monochrome really adds new dimensions of storage, without taking up too much floorspace or looking like excessive. In fact, we can picture eating parfait and drinking scrummy tea here without a single problem!

Industrial chic

Patinated Silver Metallic Finish Roundhouse KitchenCabinets & shelves Metallic/Silver

Patinated Silver Metallic Finish


For the more rough and ready kitchen that favours metal and industrial influences, there is a plethora of kitchen islands that will be fantastic, practical and gorgeous additions! If you don't believe us, just take a look at this example! 

With its masculine proportions and stance, we think this is the heavyweight of the islands world and we love how tactile it is! With an appearance that looks cool to the touch, we know there is a wealth of fantastic storage to be had here, not to mention a sturdy top that could support a feast fit for a king, or in this case, a spaniel!

Ultra modern

When a chunky and domineering addition simply won't do, kitchen islands can be just as useful and charming when finished in a slim and sleek style. In fact, in a super modern kitchen, we don't think there are many better additions!

Just look at how gorgeous this example is, complete with an ultra thin worktop and pared back supports. The whole items looks delicate and stylish and by being finished in a muted palette, it allows the bright blue chairs to remain the focus of the space. Lovely!

Brightly coloured

Well, hello sunshine! If subtlety isn't important to you, we implore you to consider a vivid colour when choosing from a number of kitchen islands! We know not everyone will want a banana yellow version, but you can pick and choose according to your kitchen colour scheme and it really is a bit of fun isn't it? A great way to offset white walls and keep all your kitchen cupboards cohesive, we can't recommend a splash of colour enough!

For more fantastic kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Give Your Rustic Style Kitchen A Successful Makeover. A new island could be just the thing to revamp a tired space!

Have you been longing for a kitchen island? Which of these was your favourite? Let us know!
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