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Cool wall ideas you'll want to try

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Decorating the walls of your house has become so much more involved than simply choosing a wallpaper you like or a paint colour that suits your tastes; nowadays, anything goes! And we really do mean anything, as you'll soon see!

Whether you like to hang art on your walls, stencil it on or even paint it directly, a new trend that is spreading like wildfire through interior design circles is turning your interior walls into canvases. It's all about art baby, but don't worry if you feel a little out of the loop or unqualified to embrace this fashion! You don't need to be Charles Saatchi to know what you do and don't like! 

Take a look at our favourites ways of including art on your walls and see what creative juices we get flowing in you!

Integrate art and function

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous piece of art? Heavily inspired by a very famous photograph of a returning US sailor kissing a nurse in the street, the quality of the workmanship is absolutely unquestionable, but what we really love is how it has been made to fit with the space as perfect wall décor.

Where other firms may not be keen to try and design artwork that will work with staggered steps, this one didn't shy away at all. Perfectly positioning the feet of the kissing couple, they look as if they are stood on some stairs and even the pooch is participating in the fun too!

Try stencil art

Banksy really has done a lot for the popularity of stencil art here in the UK and it's now easier than ever to have a go yourself. Not only can you buy stencil kits, there are a host of online tutorials showing you how to get the look for less.

This look, from Urban Art Berlin, might be a little too imposing for us, but we do like how well the perspective has been calculated and thanks to the mottled paint finish of the background, the rugged subject matter looks perfectly at home. We love it when wall decor is so well executed!

Gorgeous galleries

If painting your own masterpiece on one of your walls feels a little bit too much to start off with, let's dial it back a notch and just start with something simple, such as hanging a number of pictures on a wall. You don't have to be too precise and the frames don't even need to match, but you'll find that you can easily transform a blank space with just a few picture hooks and some funky wall décor.

A home gallery set up always adds a certain something to a home that nothing else can. We think it's a cultural vibe that alludes to your interest in higher things!

Art in place of windows

Why have normal glazing when stained glass windows can do a fantastic job of displaying your artistic interests? You wouldn't want to replace the windows or walls in every room, of course, but for a dramatic hallway addition or perhaps a beautiful bedroom feature, we think strained glass has really stood the test of time as a valuable wall decor contender.

Don't forget, you don't have to get sucked into believing that all stained glass has a religious theme, as you are now able to commission absolutely anything you like. What's that? You want the image of your dog to put in the boot room wall? We think that sounds great!

Make wallpaper and art work together

When it comes to art and wall décor, how much is too much? Essentially, this is just like asking how long a piece of string is, but you can take control of the issue by decorating purely in accordance with your own tastes, so if you love a cacophony of clashing patterns and colours, that's what you should put up!

We think this example has a real Scandinavian 70s vibe, with the retro chair, brown patterned wallpaper and portrait all coming together to look like a set from a Wes Andersen film. It might seem busy at first, but everything works on a tonal level, leaving you with a warm and very relaxed feeling room.

Try something unusual

If you've had a bash at stencil art, tried your hand at hanging a gallery wall and even invested in some unusual portraiture and nothing is quite giving the effect that you want, perhaps it's time you went more avant garde. When you want something eye-catching and unique, the weirder the better with your inspiration and subject matter. Try taking a look at some surrealist art books to see if that is closer to the mark and then start planning how you can transfer it to become wall décor.

For more wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: You Can Hang Your Pictures Like A Gallery. Charles Saatchi has nothing on you and your taste!

Are you feeling brave enough to embrace art in your home? Tell us which of these ideas you fancy trying your hand at!

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