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It's not an exaggeration to say that a home without a beautiful front garden is an incomplete one! One of the first things that visitors encounter when they come to your front door, a pretty and well landscaped spot will really be the icing on the cake as far as your exterior impression goes.

You might be thinking that you are not a natural gardener or that you don't know enough about plants and materials to design a good looking space, but you'd be wrong. With some simple help from us, we think you'll be able to go out and make a masterpiece in your outdoor space this weekend!

Let's get amongst nature and see what inspires you!

Modern designs

Modern front garden design not only looks fantastic, it is a great way for people who don't feel to confident in the landscaping arena to make their mark without taking on a complicated project. With the ethos of a modern garden being all about simplicity, a few simple but unusual trees could be all you need to plant.

We love this outdoor paradise, designed by CP Paisagismo, as it is simple, yet effective. The large paving slabs make light work of making a path, but they look so stark and unapologetic that the whole vibe is one of staunch modernism and amazing design.

Minimalism for smaller homes

When in doubt, keep it simple. We are willing to bet that you followed this advice when it came to your actual home, so why go against it with your choice of front garden design? In fact, the simpler you keep things, the easier it will be to maintain later!

For a minimalist home, nothing is easier or more effective than simple shrubs, low maintenance trees and lashings of bark chips to cover all your soil. A beautiful, neat and easy to manage garden, we think this example has it all and doesn't overpower the house!

Bursts of colour

If your house is a little on the grey side, why not make sure you add a lot of colour to your front garden design scheme?  Though not being too much of a perfectionist will allow you to enjoy a burst of beautiful and random blooms in a variety of colours, come spring, we understand if you want to exercise a little more control.

With a super multi-level garden such as this one, we might be tempted to create a cascading rainbow display, with whole beds of one colour leading onto the next. Keeping the flower varieties numerous will stop it looking too contrived and instead, you'll have a stunning front garden to welcome visitors!

Zen zones

When control, harmony and balance are recognisably important facets of your personality and lifestyle, by all means bring them outside and channel them to create something really special and unique with your front garden design plan. 

Zen gardens are really enjoying a huge surge in popularity in the UK, as we are looking to Japan for inspiration with all things neat, ordered and beautiful. You can't deny this example is as relaxing as it is chic and we bet maintaining it is a pleasure!

Inexpensive inspiration

We know that there can be a temptation to go overboard and blow the budget on any new project, but when it comes to front garden design, this is totally unnecessary. In fact, by taking the time to research inexpensive plants that cover a lot of ground, you could revamp your space very cheaply.

This is a great picture to take inspiration from, as air bricks have been used to create an unusual but very pretty path and they are considerably cheaper than paving slabs. Coupled with some fast-growing bamboo, this is a lovely space that cost very little to create!

Simple and maintained

If all else fails, embrace a simple idea such as a well kept lawn and some self-regulating shrubs. This isn't the least ambitious option and nor does it give a bad impression of you and your gardening prowess, in fact, it looks exceptionally chic and high-end.

Simple solutions are often the best and when it comes to choosing a lovely front garden design scheme, you need something that won't get out of hand or take too much of your time. This is perfect for a busy house that wants to look good but not demand much effort.

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 Stylish Ways To Improve Your Garden. With the front taking care of itself, you can start planning something spectacular for the rear!

Are you planning to make some garden improvements this spring? Which of these designs would best suit your home? Let us know!

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