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2C House Studio 4e Modern bathroom
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A bath is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. You can sit and destress, whilst reading a book or listening to music. Baths do come in a variety of materials and shapes, as well as traditional shaped baths. We have found some lovely corner baths for you too look at. A corner bath is a great idea in any bathroom that maybe has an awkward shape or limited space.

Corner baths tend to be great for sitting in rather than lying down in, but they can be very stylish and look very elegant. 

A more modern look

Bath of the bedroom Studio 4e Modern bathroom
Studio 4e

Bath of the bedroom

Studio 4e

This space would easily have taken a freestanding bath, but it doesn't always have to be the only choice. Nor does having a corner bath just because space doesn't allow a regular one. Good design will always take into account the things we want and give us a good solution. We love this bathroom and the steps walking up to the bath make it feel almost ceremonial. The window offers a good amount of light, whilst still giving a sense of privacy.

Small and shapely

A traditional looking corner bath looks very much like this. This whole bathroom is very much traditional in it's decoration and styling. The bath sits well here and matches. It has a modern looking bath screen, but this screen acts as a good divider between the bath and the rest of the bathroom. It is a small space and a regular freestanding bath would not fit well here, making this an excellent choice.

Classic modern

Black and white, the old classic combination. Here we see the perfect balance of black units mixed with white sinks and walls. It really breaks up the space, and unlike a purely white bathroom, it has visual texture and still looks spacious. The bath sits very well in the corner here and gives the bathroom even more space by not taking up a lot of room. It also blends well with the white floor, again adding to the minimalist sense of space that the whole bathroom achieves. This bathroom was part of a house redesign by Arc 3 architects.

Tight space

A bath can be adapted to fit many spaces and many corners. This bathroom is long and slender. It does have a sense of space in it though, thanks to the white and the large windows to the outside. We can imagine sitting here in this bath looking out to the world, as we relax. The bathroom is very modern and the bath and shower are separated from the rest of the room by a screen. The sink is very sleek with sharp contemporary edges. 

Circular corner

If you have space and don't want a bath that sits directly in the corner, then we think you don't have too. We love this bath because it will sit in a corner, but obviously not flush. The circular shape breaks away from the shape we think a bath should be. Surrounded by wood and with the shower above it, we could easily lose hours in here. Not to mention the views around it!

Country corner

From the round and modern to the contemporary country classic. This, like the bath above, isn't technically in a corner, but has been designed to fit the space. And what a space to fit a bath in to! The white paint and the exposed beams just remind us of a country cottage. The bath fits perfectly under this window offering fantastic views outside. Little touches like the basket and the net on the windows just frame the bath beautifully.

A mosaic effect

Taylors Etc Client Bathrooms Taylors Etc Modern bathroom
Taylors Etc

Taylors Etc Client Bathrooms

Taylors Etc

Small and deep, this bath is a lovely corner unit. There is just something about the feeling of sinking into warm water that we love. Traditional longer baths are brilliant, in that we can lie down in them. When space doesn't allow, it makes perfect sense to have any bath you can fit put in. Particularly if you just love a bath!  We love the design of this one, as there is enough room to sit and submerge in it, so there was no need to compromise and not have a bath at all. The mosaic tile effect goes very well and makes it feel modern.

Make it fit

Once more we can see here that the bathroom itself is long and slender towards the end where the bath is. To save space the heated towel rail has even been mounted higher up the wall. The shower is offset to the side, and the bath just sits well at the end. Square is an obvious choice of a corner bath or one that needs to sit in a space where a regular shaped bath would not go. This room is quite stark and very minimalist in appearance, which of course is the desired style.

Not so square

We have shown baths of various shapes and sizes, so why not an oval shaped one too? Once more we see a bath under a window and it seems to be a very popular choice. It means you can really sit and watch the word go by. This bath sits in the corner well and it is low and shallow. It looks stunning and there really isn't much we can say because it speaks for itself. Sitting in this contemporary bathroom, it brings the room together and breaks up all the lines with its curricular shape.

Awkward spaces

Bathroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Classic style bathroom
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Bathroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

In this bathroom space is really very limited. With the heater under the window and the placement of the sink, we can see that even a corner bath wouldn't fit, simply because there is no spare corner. They have cleverly made it so a bath will still sit in the one awkward corner left. Building in a bath perhaps wasn't an option, so a traditional shorter roll top bath has been acquired. Sitting at an angle, it does very well and means you can still enjoy a bath. 

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