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5 unique bathrooms

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Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Modern bathroom
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Bathrooms are a space of rest and relaxation, an area of our home where we can lock the door, and enjoy a moment of solitary serenity. Often our bathrooms are perfunctory, simply offering a place to prepare for work in the morning, or wash away stress in the evening. But sometimes our bathrooms are more than merely a wash space. Bathrooms are a domestic area in which we can spread our creative wings, get the innovative juices flowing, and produce a visionary space. Bathrooms provide an area of solitude and contemplation, they are some of the only spaces within our houses that can be designed using steam and water to create a rejuvenation and restful room experience. With this in mind, bathrooms are a specially unique and individual space.

Today on homify we are paying homage to some seriously stylish spaces. Bathrooms that baulk standardized trends, and create something new and unique. If you would like some inspiration, and five examples of beautifully individual bathrooms, check out the images below, and start planning your next renovation or refurbishment today.

Individual and inventive

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Modern bathroom

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


First on our list of unique bathrooms is this beautiful and large wash space. There are plenty of features that ensure this room is different from any other, but one of the main elements is the sleek textures, combined with a textured wall. The wall colour is a grey hue, and this works well with the shiny white floor and ceiling. The vanity is bespoke, and highlights the functionality of the room. A huge freestanding tub exudes luxury, and is situated to enjoy the stunning views from the French doors. 

Bold and opulent

Second on our list is this marble clad space from Lee Evans Partnership. The bathroom is a unique blend of opulent textures and bold, vivacious design. Utilising a large wall mirror, he space feels large and open, while the plentiful use of marble adds a lavish sophistication. Statement light fittings inject a reflective glamour, and help to creative individuality. The vanity, although fabricated from marble, is almost mid-century modern in its design, and gives the space a retro quality. 

Working with textures

Textures work brilliantly to create interesting and original bathing spaces. In this example we see a striking yet subtle wallpaper, which brings a sense of style to the bathroom, and injects some creativity. A freestanding bathtub is a statement item that works timelessly and effortlessly, while the fireplace is used to store timber. All in all, this room is gorgeously decorated and evokes a whimsical playfulness with texture and colour. 

Making the most of space

Architects often use space in ways which break tradition, and create new and interesting designs. This is one such example. Beautifully designed by Andrew Mulroy Architects, this space oozes sophistication and makes the most out of a small loft space. Unique in its approach, the bathroom inhabits a small gabled area within the loft conversion of a stylishly updated home. Normally this area would be ignored and used for another more mundane task, such as storage, instead the gorgeous freestanding bath creates a feature of the space. A small postcard sized window looks more like a work of art, and give the bather a peek to the outside world. 

Lavish nonchalance

Within this new Texan ranch home, the bathroom is a stunning and lavish domestic space. Situated in a location adjacent a piece of private rural land, the bath is afforded sweeping views across the entire space. Truly unique in its appearance, the room boasts individual pieces of furniture, which add history and heritage to the new room. The freestanding tub takes centre stage, and is well coordinated with an antique rug, and opulent chandelier. All of the features form a relationship with each other, offering the occupant a sense of rural serenity and true tranquillity. The room is elegant and graceful, with a hint of luxury, resulting in a casual yet lavish space. 

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Which of those unique bathrooms was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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