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5 barn conversions that are beyond your wildest dreams!

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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A lot of people see a gorgeous barn conversion home as the pinnacle of UK architecture and we can't say that we disagree, having seen the five amazing examples that we are going to show you today. In each case, there is a terrific sense of restoration as well as reinvigoration, with original structures being expertly spliced with contemporary motifs, by phenomenally talented architects. We want to give you a good overview of each, so will include two pictures, so hold onto your hats, as this is going to give you a serious case of envy!

1.Gorgeous in grey.

It's hard to know what to stare at first, but we are really taken with how the heritage and original grey stonework contrasts so boldy with the contemporary glass atrium entrance. There is even a matching glass section at the far side too, that offers a see-through and really unusual design. 

From the back, this barn conversion got a little more luxurious, with more glass and an amazing pool! What a great way to allow heritage good looks to remain but extra touches to be hidden away!

2. Deceptively understated.

Now this is a barn conversion that has stayed true to how the building already looked, but with some added security and stunning warm wood. Don't go thinking that this is a small and simple family home though, as the next picture will demonstrate the full majesty!

Are you as shocked as we were when we first saw the full scale of this barn house? Seriously, this could be straight out of a period drama! The really beautiful things is how original the exterior looks. The interior can be as contemporary as you like but with this beautiful shell, it will always look perfect in the setting.

3. Homely charm.

We're mixing things up with this barn conversion, as there are no exterior shots here, only a pair of gorgeous interior pictures that show you how to properly decorate a traditional barn conversion! This living room is actually giving us life, as the mixture of plaids and florals, not to mention velvet, create a really stunning and cosy aesthetic.

Now this IS a shock! After seeing the living room, we expected a really country-style and super traditional kitchen, but no! This is a strikingly modern and fresh space, but that just goes to show how versatile and adaptable barn conversions are!

4. Back to the farm.

The black agricultural wood cladding on this barn conversion has given it such an authentically rural façade. yes, this used to be a working building, but what a delight to see that the urge to totally modernise it as a living space was resisted. Let's not forget that the original features and aesthetics are what makes these buildings so exciting!

Walk inside this dramatic barn conversion and you see that original features have been cherished beyond belief! We couldn't love the open-plan and wood-centred layout more, even if we tried. Just look at all those restored beams and simple décor. Incredible!

5. A more modern touch.

If you love the sizes and locations of barn conversions but have a thing for more contemporary design, we think this project could be the perfect compromise for you! A little more Dutch in style, we love the wide surfaces and contrasting wall and ceiling colours that work so well with glass safety rails as well.

WOW! Even if you are more of a traditional barn conversion fan, we think you'll see the inherent genius and gorgeousness in this design! So bright, exotic and surprising, we certainly wouldn't mind moving out to the country if we could own a barn like this one!

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